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Best way to get from Vienna Airport to Vienna City Center

If you found this post by Googling something like Vienna Airport to City Center, we bet you scrolled past a dozen articles without knowing which one to choose.

There is a myriad of content on the Internet, but it is often tough to find your way around. In this guide, we have tried to summarize everything you find online to give you a complete overview of all the options for getting from Vienna Airport to Vienna City Center (and back). So sit back and read while we describe to you the best way to get from Vienna Airport to the City Center.

Vienna Airport to City Center at a glance

  • Vienna Airport lies 19 kilometers (12 miles) southeast of the city center (about 20 minutes).
  • The airport has 2 train operators (CAT and ÖBB).
  • You can reach the City Center by bus.
  • Taxi & Rideshare services available.
  • The information office is in the main hall.
  • Restaurants: from Austrian cuisine to international classics.
  • Shops & Souvenirs: from gate to gate you find luxury boutiques, souvenir shops, and duty-free shop.
  • At Vienna Airport you can find a 24/7 medical center ( Terminal 1 Arcade Walkway – Level 1).

Train from Vienna Airport to Vienna City Center (recommended option)

train from vienna airport to city centreSurely, the fastest way to get from the Airport to the City Center is by public transport. Two companies run the service:
ÖBB (Austrian Railways) – It will take you to Wien Mitte (Vienna’s City Center) in about 25 minutes;
CAT (City Airport Train) – You will reach Wien Mitte Station in about 16 minutes.

Where is the Airport Train Station?

The airport train station is located on the lower floor of the main terminal. Fares change according to the speed of the service.

Afraid you can’t find the station? Don’t panic! Vienna Airport is very well organized. To find the service you are looking for, in fact, just follow the signs you see in every corner of the structure!

You can buy your train ticket at the automatic machines located in the arrivals hall or directly at the “Train Ticket” counter. You can pay either in cash or by credit card. If you need to change money, we advise you not to do so at the airport because of the very high exchange rates.

Remember that City Airport Train uses platform number 3, while the ÖBB Express Train S7 uses platforms 1&2.

N.B. Other trains also use this station, so don’t forget to check carefully before boarding!

How much does it cost to take the train from Vienna Airport?

A ticket to get on CAT trains will cost you €12 (full adult fare), while a ticket to ÖBB costs €4.20 (full adult fare).
The train service to and from Vienna Airport is active every day and has the following timetable:

  • CAT – from 6 AM to 11:39 PM.
  • ÖBB – from 5:18 AM to 12:18 AM.

Timetables may change on public holidays, so we recommend that you always check for updates on the official websites of the two companies.

The cheapest way to get from Vienna Airport to the City Centre (from €5)

left luggage viennaTwo bus companies connect Vienna Airport to the City Center:

Vienna Airport Lines, which provides 3 routes into Vienna (to Wien West Bahnhof, Morziplatz-Schwebenplatz &Donauzentrum);

Air Liner provides with 2 routes into Vienna (to Vienna Bus Station or Erberg – U3 Station).

Both buses leave every 30 minutes. You will find the buses just outside the arrivals hall.

Vienna Airport to city Centre – bus prices

An Adult ticket for Vienna Airport Lines will cost you €8 per person, and you can purchase it on board directly.

Air Liner’s adult tickets are €5 per person and can be purchased with the driver.

Taxi from Vienna Airport to City Centre (& Ridesharing)

vienna city centreThere is another way to get from Vienna Airport to the City Center (or Vienna to Airport) quickly and easily: by using rideshare services or taxis. Among the rideshare companies at Vienna Airport, there are Bolt, Uber & Free-Now. Before booking, however, it is important to follow these 3 steps:

  1. Choose the exact size of the car to rent. Think about how much luggage you have and how many passengers will be in the car. To see the types of vehicles available, please enter the official website of the preferred operator.
  2. Finding rideshare stops is very simple. Once in the arrivals hall, follow the directions for “Ground Transportation” and “Baggage Claim.” Outside these two areas, you’ll find two signs indicating “Passenger Pickups” or “TNC/Rideshares.”
  3. You can call or send a message to your driver, with information such as your exact location and other information that will help him/her identify you.

Prices for a ride to Central Vienna or vice versa may vary from €23 to €66, depending on vehicle size, time of day, and other business factors.

To get all the necessary information, you can click here for Uber, here for Bolt, and here for Free-Now.

Vienna Airport to City Center by taxi

But let’s now talk about one of the traditional ways to reach Vienna in a very comfortable way: the taxi. The yellow cars par excellence are present at the exit of the airport and they can take you to every corner of the city, so they are preferable to public transport if you have made a very long journey and you are tired or if you have a disability and need concrete help.

In our articles, we use to remind travelers to be careful before relying on a taxi driver. It’s necessary, in fact, to find certified companies that operate the service regularly and with predetermined fares.

The official website of Vienna Airport recommends using the taxi rank directly in front of the arrivals hall or the “Vienna Airport Transfer” counter in the arrivals hall. Make sure you follow these tips, so you don’t get screwed!

Now that you know Vienna Airport like the back of your hand, we are sure your time in the city will be completely stress-free and that you will make the most of your vacation or business trip. We wish you a great time! See you on your next travel!

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