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Amsterdam Airport to Amsterdam City Centre best options

Only a few days and one flight separate you to the most vibrant cities in Europe: Amsterdam! Whether you are going there for a holiday or a business trip, you may need to know how to get from Amsterdam Airport to the City Centre.

If airports scare you a little bit, in Amsterdam you don’t have to worry! Schiphol Airport, in fact, is a very efficient hub as it uses the one-terminal concept. The building has one main terminal that is divided into halls (1,2 and 3). This composition makes it a comfortable and easy airport to cross the airport.

But let’s read all the basic information that every traveler should know before landing in the city

    • Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (IATA code: AMS) is located 5,6 miles (9 km) southwest Amsterdam City Centre, in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer.
    • There are 3 modes of transportation to get from Amsterdam Airport to Amsterdam City Centre.
    • It is the third-busiest airport in Europe (72 mln passengers in 2019).
    • You can connect to a free WI-FI or reach the internet centre.
    • The Dutch care about their looks. You’ll find a hairdresser at the airport!
    • In case you need medical support, you can go to the First Aid or the Medical Centre.
    • Several services are available for passengers: first aid, medical centre, pharmacy, baby care lounge, hotel, and showers.
    • In a Dutch airport, you can’t miss the flower shops!


Kickoff your day by choosing the best solution to get from Airport to Nh Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to the City Centre!

Officially, there are 3 potential alternatives to reach Amsterdam City Centre, but many tour guides forget to mention Uber.

Uber from Amsterdam Airport to the City Centre

Uber AmsterdamEven if Amsterdam Airport has an authorized taxi service, not far from the main entrance, you will also find an Uber stop ⁠— indicated by the sign Uber X Vervoer (Uber X Transportation).

Like in almost all the airports in the world, even Amsterdam Airport faces the classic conflict between official taxis and private transfers.

Regarding Uber’s rates, a run from Amsterdam Airport to Amsterdam Central costs about €30-40. Yes, it’s much more affordable than ordinary taxis.

To get more information about this service, please visit the Uber official website.

Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam City Centre by taxi

Taking a taxi is certainly the fastest and most convenient way to leave Amsterdam airport and head to the hotel or Airbnb you have booked.

Taxi drivers can also help you load your luggage into the car and give you useful tips on the city.
Amsterdam Airport to City Centre: taxi fare

The journey takes approximately 35 minutes (or less during off-peak hours) and costs about €40-50.

If you are traveling on a tight budget, taking a taxi is not the ideal solution. On the other hand, it might be perfect if you are visiting the city with a group of friends or your family because you can share the cost.

Amsterdam Airport taxi

Recognizing an official taxi in Amsterdam is very easy, but you have to keep in mind that in Holland, there are no yellow taxis!

The typical Dutch taxi is a dark Tesla car with a blue number plate and roof lights.

Remember to reach the proper line outside the main hall of the airport to get in your taxi (the queue can also be very long during rush hours).

A traditional taxi can carry up to 4 people with 3 pieces of luggage. If you have more suitcases or are touring with a larger group, it is better to take a taxi bus.

Useful information

Booking the service online can cost you much more (about €55).

Take note: taxis may apply extra charges usually from late-night runs, luggage or if you are traveling during public holidays.

Avoid getting into taxis that randomly pass in front of the airport. They could not be official and can charge you a lot!

Click here to get more information about approved taxis at Schiphol Airport.

Amsterdam airport transfers

Schipol ShuttleOutside the arrivals hall, many buses and shuttles are waiting for you. Some of them are free shuttle buses provided by hotels in the city. Therefore, after booking a room, be sure to check if your hotel gives you access to these airport shuttles.

If you head outside door C or D, in between, you will see a red van where you can purchase tickets to get on 397 the public bus that leads you to the City Centre.

You can buy a one-way ticket or alternatively, the Amsterdam Pass, which gets you limitless access to the bus and the boat tours for the entire duration of your pass.

Before choosing the bus as an option to reach the central district, remember two important things:

      1. You can’t purchase any tickets on board.
      2. Bus 397 doesn’t go to Amsterdam Central Station (Amsterdam Centraal).

Amsterdam Airport to City Centre: bus stops from Schiphol to Amsterdam

Schiphol Airport – Schiphol Knooppunt Noord – Schiphol Cateringweg – Amsterdam Anderlechtlaan – Amsterdam Amstelveenseweg – Amsterdam Olympisch Stadion – Amsterdam Haarlemmermeerstation – Amsterdam Emmastraat – Amsterdam Museumplein – Amsterdam Rijksmuseum – Amsterdam Leidseplein – Amsterdam Busstation Elandsgracht.

Line 397 operates every day from 7:04 AM to 7:04 AM and departs every 7,5 minutes from bus stop B17. At night you’ll find bus N97.

Bus 397 Amsterdam price

A 397 bus ticket costs € 6,50 (one-way) and € 11,25 (return). If you buy a return ticket in advance, it will be valid for 14 days. Tickets are also available online.

Are you visiting Amsterdam during the Tulip Festival? Good news for you! If you have purchased the Tulip Festival Card, you can get on 397 bus for free!

From Amsterdam Airport to the City Centre by train

amsterdam centraalWe show you now the last travel option from Schiphol Airport to the centre of Amsterdam, to Centraal Station: the train.

Schiphol has a convenient railway station, which is also very easy to reach – just follow the signs you can find almost everywhere!

Buying a train ticket at Schiphol Airport

You can buy your travel ticket directly at the train station. Before the turnstiles, you’ll find yellow ticket machines that will print out your ticket in a few seconds.

Remember to validate your ticket before entering the platform (using the smaller yellow machines) and to check out at the end of the journey.

In addition to the usual ticket, you can also buy an OV-chip card that you can use on any public transportations in the entire country. Don’t forget that from the airport you need to have at least 20€ on the OV-chip card.

To find the right platform, just read the information that appears on the big screen at the station.

Trains from Schiphol Airport leave every hour (trains depart from 6am to midnight). From midnight onwards there is only one train every hour.

      • One-way standard 2nd class: € 5,30.
      • One-way standard 1st class: € 8,20.
      • Railrunner ticket (Kids between 4-11 years): € 2,50.
      • Children under the age of 4 years travel for free.

Get other information about car rental services, electric cars, hotel shuttles, and door to door cargo services.

Check here the view Amsterdam subway map.

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