Travel tips to get from Edinburgh Airport to the City Centre

Welcome to one of Scotland’s most handsome cities, Edinburgh! Grab your phone and read our quick guide on how to get from Edinburgh Airport to Edinburgh City Centre on every budget.

Here are a few tips you should not forget once you have landed in Edinburgh:

  • Edinburgh Airport handles more than 10 million passengers every year.
  • It’s located 12 km (8 miles) from Pricess Street (City Centre).
  • To get from Edinburgh Airport to the City Centre it takes about 30 minutes depending on your choice of transport.
  • You can reach the city centre by bus, tram, taxi & rideshare services.
  • There are no railway stations.
  • At the airport, you can find a lot of fast food outlets, shops & boutiques.
  • People who want to smoke should do so only in designated areas outside the building.
  • There is a prayer room on the ground floor, near Costa Coffee.

Edinburgh Airport provides its passengers with several ways to reach the city’s heart or other areas of the city. Discover them all here!

Bus from Edinburgh Airport to City Centre (The most affordable option)

reach edinburgh city centre: best routesLothian Buses provides public transportation from the Airport to City Centre and vice versa with the Airlink 100 express bus service.

This bus service is available h24 and runs every 10 minutes from the terminal to Waverley Bridge, right by Edinburgh’s central station. The journey is around 25-30 minutes, depending on the traffic.

All the buses to the City Centre and other destinations stop on the terminal forecourt, right outside the main entrance (Stop D).

How much does it cost to get to Edinburgh City Centre by bus

You can pre-book the ticket online, at the bus stop, or directly on board.

A single ticket costs £4.50 and £7.00 for the return. Don’t forget that Airlink applies reductions for Children.

Operating hours

From the Airport to Waverley Bridge:

01:00 to 04:30, every 15 minutes.
04:42 to 00:50, every 8-10 minutes.

From Waverley Bridge to the Airport:

00:00 to 03:45, every 15 minutes.
04:00 to 23:50, every 8-10 min.

See Bookings Tab here.


  • You will find comfortable seating.
  • You can get free WI-FI.
  • The service operates h24.
  • This is the cheapest option to get from Edinburgh Airport to City Centre.
  • Airlink services are run by Lothian. The same company provides travelers with night bus services to and from the airport. For further information, please check Skylink.

If you want to find out all the information about Lothian buses, please visit the official website.

Tram from Edinburgh Airport to Edinburgh City Centre

Scotland venues: bouquet listDo you love traveling by tram? Great! In Edinburgh, there is also a tram service to and from the airport. It runs frequently, every 7 minutes, and reaches the area of Princess Street in about 30 minutes.

Here are all the intermediate stops:

Edinburgh Airport – Ingliston Park & Ride – Gogarburn – Edinburgh Gateway – Gyle Centre – Edinburgh Park Central – Edinburgh Park Station – Bankhead – Saughton – Balgreen – Murrayfield Stadium – Haymarket – West End Princess Street – Princess Street – St Andrew Square – York Place.

Tram’s Tickets

A one-way ticket costs £5.50 and £8.50 for the return. Reductions for Children apply.

You can buy a tram ticket from the machines situated in the airport tram station or directly online, before arriving.

Take a look at the trams timetables here.

Remember that unlike buses, tram service doesn’t operate 24/7.


  • Trams are fully accessible and offer large enough luggage racks even for bulky suitcases.
  • This is one of the cheapest solutions to reach the City Centre.
  • You’ll be able to admire different neighborhoods of Edinburgh while sitting comfortably.

Taxi from Edinburgh Airport to City Centre.

Taxis in Edinburgh, like all over the UK, are not known to be cheap. In fact, the fares charged are quite high enough although they provide several advantages, one of which is comfort.

Taxis traveling from the airport to Edinburgh City Centre and vice versa don’t offer passengers a fixed fare. Costs may vary depending on the day, time, and traffic.

As we have already suggested in other guides, you should also rely on verified taxi companies in Edinburgh.

You can even book your cab in advance by simply calling 0844 448 8576, the official taxi company’s phone number at the airport.

Taxis stop at the ground floor of the multi-storey car park opposite the terminal building.

You will also find other private taxi services in the same location that will take you directly in front of your hotel or B&B.

Taxi fares

The approximate fare for a taxi ride to and from the terminal is £20 (€23). Obviously, it can be different if there is a lot of traffic.


A taxi that takes you directly to the hotel or a business meeting after a long journey is definitely the best choice.
Taxis have comfortable and spacious seats where you can stretch your legs and relax a bit.
They are air-conditioned.

Taxi drivers can give you useful information about the city and help you with luggage.
By the way, we advise against using public transport if you have cumbersome and bulky pieces of luggage with you. Consider that Edinburgh Airport is always very crowded.

Edinburgh Airport Transfers & Ridesharing

Of course, as in all major airports, Edinburgh Airport has a whole range of private services that can take you to every corner of the city and even to neighboring locations.

You can choose a car according to your budget and working needs.

Apart from traditional Uber from Edinburgh airport to Edinburgh City Centre, you will find different private shuttles and airport transfer services.

The prices, of course, are not really competitive! Before booking, therefore, we advise you to carefully check the rates to see if they are worth it!

Now that you know the Scottish Capital Airport like the back of your hand, you’re ready for one of the most exciting adventures of your life!

Edinburgh, in fact, is a dream city that has fascinated and continues to charm all its tourists, from adults to children!

Choose the option that’s right for you and have fun!

By Anna Maria Parente

Content manager and SEO copywriter at Radical Storage. Interested in linguistics, illustration, and rock music.