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The easiest way to get from Copenhagen Airport to Copenhagen City Center

Booking flights for a holiday or even a business trip sends you a shiver up and down your spine, right? That’s the pleasant thrill of travel! But when you arrive in a new city, make sure to read in advance information on how to find your way around otherwise, you may feel lost. In this post, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to get from Copenhagen Airport to the City Center (and back) in a breeze!

Essential information about Copenhagen Airport

  • Danish capital’s Airport is called Copenhagen (CPH) Airport CPH/Københavns Lufthavn.
  • It’s located on the island of Amager 7 km (5 miles) south of the city center.
  • You can get there in around 15 minutes by train or metro.
  • It’s served by buses, taxis, and Uber.
  • Inside the airport, there are restaurants and kiosks where you can stop by for a delicious treat.

Rember to choose the preferred travel option depending on where you are going. Almost all public transports, in fact, reach the City Center, but you may need to get off at some intermediate stops.

From Copenhagen Airport to Copenhagen City Center by train and metro (the fastest solutions)

copenhagen left luggageThe quickest way to get from CPH Airport to the city center is by train or metro.

Both of them run from Terminal 3 and take you to the City Center in 15 minutes. Let’s find out together where the stops are, which trains to take and how much they cost.

Metro from Copenhagen Airport to City Center

You’ll find the metro station at an extension of Terminal 3. In order to find it quickly, don’t forget to follow the signs you’ll find along the way, once landed.

Metro service runs every 4-6 minutes during the day and 15-20 minutes at night. Even if the frequency of trains decreases between midnight and 6 AM, the service is available 24/7.

The metro is ideal if you need to go to some stations situated near the City Center, such as Kongens Nytorv or Nørreport, and it’s also perfect if you are going to Nørrebro, Vesterbro, Østerbro, Frederiksberg, or Amager.

Metro price

Although the cost of tickets in Denmark may not seem very cheap to you, remember that the Scandinavian countries have a very high standard of living. Also, remember that in Denmark you can’t pay in €. The official currency is the krone.

As we usually do, we advise you not to change your money at the airport, but to go to your bank in the city to convert your euros into Danish kroner.

To get on the subway, you need to purchase a 3-zones ticket, which costs you DKK 36 (about 5€). It’s valid for 90 minutes of travel on all trains & metros.

You can purchase it from the DSB ticket counter or the automatic machines situated in the metro station. Each ticket is interchangeable between metro, train, and bus.

Do you want to view the Copenhagen metro map? Click here. For more information about metro tickets, enter the official website.

Train from Copenhagen Airport to City Centre

Traveling from Copenhagen Airport to City Center by train is undoubtedly the fastest solution, especially if you need to reach Copenhagen Central Station (København H). Regional and Intercity trains also connect the airport with other areas of Denmark and Sweden.

The ticket office is located at Terminal 3, right above the train station.

The cost of a ticket to Central Station is the same as for the metro (about 5€).

From Copenhagen to the city centre by bus

denmark left luggageTaking a bus is the most affordable way to reach Copenhagen City Center.

Movia’s bus 5A (From Copenhagen Airport to Husum Torv) will take you to the City Center in 30-35 minutes. You can easily recognize Movia’s buses since they are yellow and red.

Here are all the stops:

Copenhagen Airport – Skottegårdsskolen – Sundbyvester Plads Central Station – Amagerbro St. – Rådhuspladsen – Nørreport st. – Nørrebro st. – Bellahøj – Husum Torv

5A runs every 3 to 7 minutes from 7 AM to 9 AM, and from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM (It also runs at night).

There are two other shuttle lines that take you from the airport to the City Centre: lines 35 and 36. Both stops are located at the exit of Terminal 3.

Stops: Copenhagen Airport – Airport East – A. P. Møllers Alle – Stationsplads Dragør – Store Magleby – Tommerup – Sundbyvester Plads – Dr Byen St. Byen St. Moritz.

The service operates from Monday to Friday, from 5 AM to 11:59 PM. It runs every 28 minutes. On Saturdays and Sundays, it has the same schedule, but it runs every hour

Stops: Copenhagen Airport – Korsvejens Skole – Tårnby st. – Nøragersmindevej.

The service operates from Monday to Friday, from 5:10 AM to 00:35 AM, and runs every 8 minutes. On Saturdays and Sundays, it runs every hour.


You can purchase a one-way ticket on board (if you have a small charge) or from the ticket machines in the station. It costs DKK 36 (1 adult, 3-zone ticket). Kids under 12 years travel free of charge.

Copenhagen Airport to Central by taxi

danmark servicesThe most convenient way to reach the City Center of Copenhagen is to take a taxi from the airport to your hotel or Airbnb address.

The taxi is perfect if you are traveling with a group of friends or your family because it allows you to amortize costs. Taxis also allow you to travel quickly, as there are no intermediate stops.

All Danish taxis are equipped with air conditioning and a comfortable luggage rack. Typically, taxi drivers can also help you load your suitcases.

You can find taxicab stands at all terminals. Don’t forget to rely only on authorized companies.

Book your official airport transfer here.

The average cost for a ride from the airport to Copenhagen’s Old Town is €34 (DKK 250-350).

Copenhagen Card or City Pass?

If you plan to stay in the city for more than one day, we recommend that you buy the Copenhagen Card or City Pass.

With these two cards, you can get discounts on many attractions and travel for free on all public transport, including to and from the airport.

Get more information about Copenhagen Card and City Pass.

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