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How to get from Budapest Airport to Budapest City Centre

Read our short guide to find out which is the best way to get from Budapest Airport to Budapest City Centre!

Things you need to know about Budapest Airport

  • Location – Budapest Airport is located 16 km (9,9 miles) from the Center of Budapest (Pest side). The journey takes approximately 35 minutes.
  • Transport – Budapest Airport to City Centre – Use taxi & public buses.
  • Currency – You don’t need to change your money at the airport. You can pay for a taxi or a shuttle bus ride with your credit card.
  • Structure – The airport consists of four main areas: Terminal 1 (it’s a private terminal), Terminal 2A used for flights within the Schengen Area, Terminal 2B & Sky Court (Shopping Area).
  • Name – Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (Hungarian: Budapest Liszt Ferenc Nemzetközi Repülőtér), formerly called Budapest Ferihegy International Airport (or simply Ferihegy).
  • Flights – A lot of airlines fly to Ferenc Liszt International Airport, such as Wizz Air & Ryanair. There are direct flights to New York, Chicago, Rome, London, Dubai & plenty of other destinations.

Budapest Airport to City Centre – Is it better to exchange money at the Airport or banks?

money exchange in budapestBefore starting your holiday or business trip, keep in mind that you don’t need to change money at the Airport. The official Hungarian currency is the Forint, and it’s important to use it, especially to buy products or pay restaurants’ bills.

While you’re in the Airport, however, it’s highly recommended to buy products and services with your credit card to avoid losing money.

Once landed and reached the airport building, you will find only one exchange company and some ATMs. Although they boast 0% commission, their exchange rates are not as friendly, and you can end up losing 20% on the transaction. ATMs have the same exchange rates.

For these reasons, it’s important to exchange money in the city, in conventional banks. Here you will find a list of all the banks in town.

Bus from Budapest Airport to City Centre (recommended option)

parlamentUndoubtedly, the easiest and cheapest way to get from Budapest Airport to the city centre (Pest side) is by bus. Currently, there is only one direct shuttle from Budapest Airport to the City Centre: line 100E. You find it in front of the main entrance of the Airport.

At the Airport, you’ll also find bus 200E, which takes you to the blue Budapest metro line (M3 – Nagyvárad tér bus stop). From there, you can reach the Centre by city buses.

You can buy bus tickets for both rides at the ticket machines or the purple ‘BKK’ kiosk in the lobby near the airport entrance. They can also be purchased directly on board, but in that case, you can’t use your credit card, you can only pay in cash. The tickets are also available on the dedicated app.

The price of public transport from Budapest Airport to the City Centre is one of the most advantageous in Europe: single ticket only 900 HUF (€3).

It’s not possible to use the 100E ticket for local transport within the city (you have to buy a proper card or ticket).

The 100E bus makes several stops, including Kálvin tér (English: Kalvin Square) and Deák Ferenc tér (old town), where you will find metro stations. From these spots would be easy to reach main interest points of the city, but also important stations, such as Nyugati and Keleti.

Tip: choose your seats carefully, because there is very little space for luggage on these buses!

For information about the night bus, check this website.

Taxi fare from Budapest Airport to Budapest City Centre

In most cases, hotels and Airbnbs are in the area of Astoria or Deak Ferenc Square. That’s why taking a direct taxi can be the ideal solution if you have faced a very long journey and feel tired.

As in all cities worldwide, before taking a taxi, it’s important to rely on a certified company. The official taxi company of the Airport is Főtaxi, and as we read on its website, it boasts of having served more than 280 million passengers.

You can book your taxi going directly to the cabstand in front of the airport entrance.

A ride from Budapest Airport to the City Centre costs between €21-25. Taxis can carry up to 5 passengers.

Taking a taxi holds several advantages over public transport!

  • A taxi takes you directly to your hotel.
  • It makes your journey faster.
  • It saves you money if you are traveling with a group of friends.

If you can’t find the Főtaxi, wait a few minutes before looking for another solution.

It’s not recommended to use unverified taxis, as they may charge incorrect fares and choose the longest routes.

Calculate here the exact fare for your trip with Főtaxi.

Budapest Airport Transfers – Shuttle Mini Bus

left luggage budapestAnother option to go from the Airport to the City Centre (and back) is to take advantage of the services provided by miniBUD – from €28 (round trip) + WIFI connection.
With miniBUD, you can book your desired airport shuttle, from the standard one to the VIP transfer. You can reserve it directly online.

Shopping at the Airport

If you forgot to buy souvenirs for your friends or if you want to bring a gift to your children and partner, Budapest Airport offers you everything you need. From perfume and watch shops to boutiques, from haute couture shops to luggage, these are just some of the hub’s outlets. Here you find the list of all the shops.

Let’s come to a sore point, that of food. Although there is a very well-stocked SPAR at the Airport, where you can buy souvenirs and typical Hungarian products (such as salami, paprika, and much more), food services are few, and their quality isn’t high.

You can try some fast food (KFC & Burger King), and a lounge bar, but forget about finding local food. Inside the Airport, there are no Hungarian restaurants.

So if you want to enjoy another “langosh” or a slice of “Dobos cake” before you leave, buy it in town and put it in your bag!

Budapest Airport to City Centre – Ask an expert

Do you want to get more information about the travel industry? Ask the expert! We’ll be glad to answer all of your questions and give you useful advice about your next trips! And if you’re planning to visit London, don’t miss our article about Vienna’s airport.

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