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Find the best luggage storage option in NYC Port Authority

Looking for luggage storage in Nyc near Port Authority? Whether you have just arrived in the city or you have a few hours before departure, it’s easy to solve your problem!

We know it, bringing a heavy backpack on your back around the Big Apple is not fun at all. Luckily for you, it’s straightforward to find luggage storage near Port Authority.

When you look for easy and secure luggage storage locations, don’t rely on random services. Make sure you choose reputable companies with vetted partners like
Radical Storage.

With Radical Storage, you can get rid of your bags in a few minutes paying a single daily rate of $4.90 per item.

Show our partners the QR code we’ll send you after booking and leave your luggage in a supervised location.

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Luggage storage Port Authority | How it works

While traveling, it’s essential to feel relaxed, so we created an easy-to-book solution.

With Radical Storage, you won’t have to hustle to store your luggage, you’ll need to grab your smartphone and proceed with your order.

By activating the geolocation system on our platform, you’ll find baggage storage facilities near you.

Are you on the page dedicated to the storage point you’d like to book, but you can’t see the address? That’s normal, you’ll only be able to view the full address of our storage facility after booking.

Luggage storage Nyc Port Authority | recommended locations

Below are the luggage storage services that are most popular with our customers.

10 Reasons to count on us

You have not just one reason to rely on Radical Storage, but ten (and maybe more!).

  1. $4.90 per day and per item: this is our advantageous fixed rate.
  2. No handling fees: we don’t charge additional costs.
  3. Contactless booking system: book remotely and get to the storage point in a few minutes.
  4. QR code for contactless drop-off and pick-up: show the code at the check-in desk and store or pick up your bags.
  5. 100% safe: our partners follow all procedures to prevent COVID-19 transmission.
  6. No weight or size restrictions: we won’t measure or weigh your things.
  7. Flexible check-in and check-out: you’re a little late, but within the operation hours? Don’t worry!
  8. Security guarantee on every piece of luggage.
  9. Dedicated app: take us with you wherever you go.
  10. 24/7 customer support: our operators are always at your disposal.

Did you store your bags but don’t know where to go? Follow our guide with all the must-see attractions in the NYC Port Authority area.

Things to do around Port Authority Bus Terminal

Nyc Port Authority luggage storage places: use the appPort Authority Midtown Bus Terminal is the busiest bus terminal in the United Station and in the world by traffic volume, serving more than 8.000 buses and more than 65mln people per year. The terminal is located in Midtown and you can enter the station both from 8th Avenue and 42nd Street.

The original bus terminal opened at the end of December 1950, but other functional structures were added later.

Check out the terminal map and all the cool attractions nearby.

Discover the Garment District

garment district: shopping in new yorkThe Garment District Alliance or the Garment Center (formerly the Fashion Center BID) is located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. This neighborhood houses many showrooms and fashion labels, embracing all aspects of the process, from design and manufacturing to wholesale.

This not-for-profit corporation was established in 1993 and has grown over the years.

Here on the Garment District map, you will find everything you need to create and manage your visit.

Reach the Empire State Building

Empire State Building: discover new york best attractionsIf you’re in New York City for the first time, you won’t find it hard to recognize the building. In fact, the Empire State is featured in many films and television series set in the Big Apple.

The Empire State gives all tourists access to a glass observation deck from which you can admire Manhattan from above.

You can visit this beautiful skyscraper by purchasing a ticket for $42.00.

Drop by Times Square

times quare lights: most important places in the worldAlong with St. Peter’s Square in Rome, Times Square is among the most famous squares in the world. Of course, these two places are very different. The former is the center of world spirituality, while the latter is the heart of globalization. However, even the profane is fascinating, that is why Times Square is considered one of the most popular icons of the Big Apple.

At first glance, you’ll feel like you’re in a vortex: lights, big screens, people, people, people. But it won’t take long to get used to the voices, laughter, and hurried steps.

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