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Discover the wonders of Italy with City Sightseeing

Italy has always been the dream destination for the explorers of the old world. Homeland of culture and poetry, the seat of monuments and places among which the Colosseum, Canal Grande in Venice or the Arena of Verona, mother of delights such as Pasta and Pizza, and so much more!
If you are planning to visit this iconic country, this is the right article for you. Italy can offer countless experiences, but before leaving, any ideas on the cities to focus your attention? Do you know all their strengths? And what about their hidden ‘gems’?
We will try to help you clear your head with a view to your future travel through this brief text, and we will give you some tips to outline your travel to Italy in detail!
Here is a list of ‘our’ must-see cities and the places you surely cannot miss while visiting them!


hop on hop off coach: rome
With its astonishing monuments and ancient traditions, the Eternal City of Rome will surely leave you breathless and fill your eyes with timeless beauty. Wondering through its alleys, you will surely run into the magnificent Colosseum. This millennial amphitheater is the iconic symbol of the city and can be visited with guided tours or simple entrance tickets.
Going on with your walk, you will surely reach the spectacular Trevi Fountain, an ancient roman installation that boasts a millenary tradition. It is strictly forbidden, in fact, to leave Rome without first trying your lack by throwing a coin in the water of this gorgeous fountain!
Last but not least, on your journey, a visit to the main ‘pearls’ of the city is Piazza di Spagna or Vatican City.
Be aware that there are many ways to discover Rome. Still, all the places we mention are easily and comfortably reachable with the hop-on-hop-off service supplied by City Sightseeing Italy.


Florence is worldwide known for its culture and artistic heritage. This is why discovering this amazing city, you surely could not miss a visit to the Uffizi and the Accademia Gallery. These two art galleries are the real treasure of the city and house thousands and thousands of masterpieces worldwide. We highly recommend visiting these incredible art exhibitions through a guided tour or simply booking an affordable entrance ticket.
Leaving the Uffizi Gallery and heading to the Arno River, your attention will surely be captured by the beauty of Ponte Vecchio. This ancient bridge, the oldest one in Florence and its undisputed symbol, once hosted the city’s butchers but is nowadays the seat of the most prestigious jewelers of Florence.
Another must-see corner of the town certainly is Piazza Duomo. Together with Piazza San Giovanni, this small square hosts three of the masterpieces of Florence: Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral (with the Brunelleschi’s Dome), Giotto’s Bell Tower, and the Baptistery of St. John. All these buildings are worth being visited, and you can do it by booking a guided tour or a simple entrance ticket.


chianti: landscape
If you think that the beauty of Tuscany is wholly contained in the city of Florence, you are so wrong. A magic and pristine place surrounds the city and takes the name of Chianti.
Famous for its wines and postcard views, Chianti’s area is easy to reach from Florence and offers unique experiences to its visitors such as wine tastings, guided tours, etc. Many local operators provide this kind of service, but, among the many, Sightseeing Experience offers a wide range of tours to choose from. If you are in Florence, you can profit of a comfortable departure from the city center and reach typical local towns such as Greve, Radda, or Panzano. Choose among vineyards’ trekking tours, cooking classes, cellars’ guided tours, and much more and get the most out of your stay in Chianti.


naples: tourist coach
Naples is worldwide known as the “city of the sun”. This unique nickname is about the city’s favorable climate and is also linked to its joyful and vibrant atmosphere. If you visit Naples for your first time, using the City Sightseeing Naples’s buses might be a good idea. This hop on hop off service will take you to the main attractions and places of the city and will give you a unique perspective on it. Capo Posillipo, Capodimonte Museum, and Castel Nuovo (or Mastio Angioino) are only a few of the places worth seeing in Naples.

Bus, even outside the city center, Naples never ceases to amaze. If you are a history lover, you cannot leave the area without previously visiting the ancient Excavations of Pompeii or Ercolano. You can reach these sites and choose the kind of visit that best suits your needs.
If you prefer art to history, you can visit the impressive Royal Palace of Caserta instead. The luxuries of the building and the care of its gardens will definitely leave you out of breath.


One of the most interesting cities of southern Italy certainly is Palermo. This old town, which is often undervalued in terms of tourism, offers to its visitors a wide range of treasures and hidden curiosities.
Did you know, for example, that Palermo has the largest historic center in Europe?
Wondering through the alleys of the old town, you will surely be fascinated by the beauty of buildings among which Teatro Politeama, Palermo Cathedral, and Castello della Zisa.
On a south-est hill near Palermo, not far from the city center, is the city of Monreale. This town, of Norman origin and features, houses the spectacular Dome of Monreale, since 2015 part of the UNESCO HERITAGE. The Cathedral, built during the XII century, once emphasized the importance of the Norman domination and show, even today, the influence that it had on the local culture. The area of Monreale can easily be reached by bus thanks to a bus service leaving from the heart of Palermo and supplied by Sightseeing Experience.


tourist bus: milan
Milan could certainly be defined as the ‘capital’ of northern Italy. Despite being known as an extremely modern city, home of fashion and design, this town has a very strong historical imprint.
The core of the city is represented by its Dome. The Dome of Milan is a perfect union of neoclassical and neogothic architecture. This ancient church hosts the largest number of statues than any other church in the world; on its facade are about 3400 statues and 135 gargoyles! The Dome and its terraces can be easily visited with guided tours or by simply booking an entrance ticket.
The historical character of Milan is also represented by museums and exhibitions such as the Scala Museum or the Leonardo 3 art show.
If you are a Football fan, Milan is the city that is right for you. Visit the San Siro Stadium or Casa Milan museum and many other places that illustrate the history of Italian Football!

Once your stay in Milan will be finished, enjoy its surroundings with exclusive excursions to Venice, Cinque Terre, Interlaken, and many other unmissable destinations!


Surrounded by the Italian alps, on the northwest slope of the country, is the city of Turin. Best known for the large number of museums and shows it houses, Turin also hides a very strong historical imprint.
The skyline of this northern city is emphasized by the impressive dome of the Mole Antonelliana, the ultimate symbol of Turin. Besides being such an important staple for the city, the building of the Mole also hosts one of the most important museums of the town: the National Cinema Museum, an interesting exhibition about the history of national and international cinematography.
Always in the heart of Turin, you should also visit the Egyptian Museum, the oldest and most important museum (after the one in Cairo) entirely dedicated to the Egyptian culture.
Despite its modernity, Turin also houses several green areas such as Valentino Park, a perfect setting for picnics and outdoor activities.

The last city that we are going to mention is maybe one of the most romantic Italian ones. Its name is Verona.


Among the cities we talked about in this brief presentation, Verona could probably be the less known. Anyway, some of you might know this city thanks to the most famous love story of all time: that between Romeo Montecchi and Giulietta Capuleti. The story of Romeo and Juliet, based on the homonymous tragedy of William Shakespeare, touched everyone and made Verona one of the most romantic cities in the world.
Along with the iconic places linked to this story, the city also offers many other interesting sites, such as the magnificent Arena of Verona, an ancient Roman Amphitheatre located in the heart of the city. Thanks to being a small town, the historical center of Verona can easily be visited with walking guided tours.
But, if you prefer to have a privileged viewpoint on the city, you should experience a tour on the City Sightseeing Verona buses. In addition to taking you to the must-see places of the town, a multilingual audioguide on board will unveil to you all the secrets and the myths of this timeless city.