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Unrivaled guide to luggage storage in Brooklyn, New York

Looking for luggage storage in Brooklyn? We have the solution for you!

Our luggage storage service allows you to store your bags all day long at the cost of a breakfast!

For only $4.90 per day and per piece of luggage, you can get back to walking the streets of Brooklyn without the stress and anxiety of losing your belongings.

We guarantee secure locations, contactless procedures, and fast check-in/out.

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Luggage storage Brooklyn | Recommended locations

Store your luggage in NYC with Radical Storage and find out how easy our system is. Below are the most popular luggage storage locations in Brooklyn and New York City:

Many of our facilities are open 24 hours, so you can leave your luggage and pick them up at any time.

How many times have you wished you could get rid of your heavy backpack and take a light walk before catching your train or plane? In short, how many times have you wasted time because of your suitcases?

Radical Storage has partnered with local shops, restaurants, hotels, and offices to store everyone’s luggage.

Luggage storage Brooklyn | How do I book?

brooklyn left luggage: where to goTo reserve a safe and clean place for your bags, you’ll need to enter Radical Storage’s website or download the dedicated app.

By enabling geolocation on your device, you’ll view all nearby storage locations or lockers.

Choose the one that best meets your needs, tap “book now,” and pay in seconds with your credit card.

You’ll receive an immediate notification with the details to reach our partner and the QR code to show at check-in.

Storing luggage in Brooklyn has never been easier!

Best things to do outdoor in Brooklyn

landscape new york: best viewsIf you only have a few hours and want to enjoy Brooklyn to the fullest, you’ll find great suggestions here.

Botanic Garden and Prospect Park

Due to the pandemic, it’s better to choose outdoor activities. In this regard, we recommend going to the beautiful Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

This wonderful 52-acre garden is situated in the heart of the district ad it’s considered one of the most important attractions in Brooklyn.

Plan for your visit because you’ll need to reserve tickets.

The Garden overlooks Prospect Park, one of the most popular green spaces in the neighborhood. Here you can take long walks, relax or take your kids to the Prospect Park Zoo.

Coney Island

Coney Island is a favorite spot for New Yorkers in the summer, but it’s gorgeous in the colder months, too.

Here is one of the most popular beaches in the Big Apple, many outdoor clubs, and an amusement park with a Ferris wheel (the Wonder Wheel).

The New York Aquarium is here: a charming place with many marine species and shows.

You can reach Coney Island by subway, stops: West 8 Street-New York Aquarium, Ocean Parkway, Neptune Av.

Marine Park

Marine Park is a 798-acre public park located in the Marine Park neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Here you will find several sports fields, a long-running path, and a golf course.

The nearest metro station is Kings Hwy.

Remember to cover your face, maintain social distance and follow the rules to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

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