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Safe luggage storage places in New York City 2024

Are you strolling around the Big Apple with your trolley by your side, but you want to get rid of it? Generally, you will find plenty of luggage storage in New York, but a few of them are really safe and trustworthy.

In this post, we want to provide you with useful information to find luggage storage wherever you are and at any time of the day or night.

Since you are undoubtedly used to traditional left luggage or lockers in New York’s main stations (and airports), you may not know that the choice of luggage storage in Nyc is quite wide.

With Radical Storage, you can find luggage storage solutions in every neighborhood of NYC, all of them safe and convenient.

Have you typed “luggage storage near me” on your Google search bar? Well, it’s your lucky day! Here is a handy map that contains all the safest left luggage options in New York City provided by Radical Storage.

Check the map here to choose the best location

luggage storage big apple

By clicking on the map and enabling geolocation, you will view all the nearest New York luggage storage locations by Radical Storage.

However, we want to explain why it is preferable to use a luggage storage place belonging to our network rather than others.

The truth is that all the companies boast top services and incredible prices, but only our network gathers everything a traveler is really looking for.

What makes us different:

Many reasons make the service of Radical Storage inimitable. Below we list the main ones:

1) Strategic locations

All our partners are situated right by important transit nodes, attractions, and museums.

Railway and subway stations:

Main Attractions:



2) Flat rate

Radical Storage has a symbolic fare: $4.90 per day and bag. Our price is all-inclusive without any surprises! What does that mean?

How many times have you used services that claimed to be super cheap but turned out to be a rip-off?

Don’t trust random companies whose prices are too low. Undoubtedly, behind those advantageous rates are hidden additional costs!

Our price is fixed. It means that we have no fare fees, but only one fare fee: $4.90 per day/bag at NO extra charge!

Therefore, this system allows you to feel protected and to track your expenses carefully.

Traditional & other luggage storage services:

Hourly rate + extra charges

Radical Storage Angels:

Daily rate at NO extra charge

Book now your luggage storage

3) No weight or size restrictions

Do you have a big suitcase or need to leave a bike case? We’ll take good care of it for you!

There is no limit to what you can store!

4) No queues

At Radical Storage partners, check-in time takes only 3 minutes.

No need to stand in line for endless minutes waiting to store your belongings. The boredom days are over!

5) Safety

Since the beginning, we have called our partners Angels because they are verified local companies with reliable staff.

6) Guaranteed

Radical Storage applies a security guarantee on every bag stored.

7) Quick and easy online booking

You can reserve a place for your luggage in New York in a few clicks by paying directly with your credit card.

8) Benefits

Moreover, Radical Storage’s partners and affiliates have discounts and special offers in store for you. Discover them all after booking!

9) Tips for your stay in the city

Being locals, our Angels can recommend the best restaurants, museums, and attractions in the neighborhood.

10) 24/7 customer service

Reach out to us by live chat. Our operators are waiting for you and speak many languages.
Store your luggage then and explore the Big Apple hassle-free! Visit Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, or the Museum of Natural History without luggage on the way. Plus, all our storage points are also well connected to Laguardia Airport, Newark Airport, and JFK Airport. As you have just read, they are also near Port Authority Bus Terminal and Grand Central.

What can I do with my luggage in New York?

lockers nyc
Getting around New York by subway is the fastest way to reach different areas of the city. However, travel experts advise against getting on and off the subway with suitcases, bags, and backpacks as it is very crowded. The risks are different, from losing your belongings to getting robbed. Not to mention back pains and time wasted.

And what if you have a few hours before you take the train back and want to visit a museum? Certainly, queuing at the traditional luggage storage points would take a lot of time. With Radical Storage, you can drop off your bags in New York City in a few minutes.

Get rid of your bags in 5 steps

  1. Find the preferred luggage storage place
  2. Click on Book Now and proceed with payment
  3. Reach the Angel
  4. Check in your luggage
  5. Pick it up

Media about Radical Storage

Our service is recommended by many media such as Fox 5, Wired, New York Post, the Daily Telegraph, and The Washington Post.

International partners

Radical Storage has a network of international partners ranging from railway operators and tourism companies to famous museums and shipping lines.

Our review on Trustpilot, Play Store, and Apple Store

Below are some reviews our customers have left on Trustpilot, the renowned consumer review website, and the Android and Apple Stores.


Find other reviews on our website directly

Do you want to know the reputation of one of our Angels before booking? Nothing could be simpler!

Go to the page on our website (or app) dedicated to the storage place you wish to reserve and read all the comments from people who have used the service before you! This is absolutely the best way to see if our Angel meets all your needs!

New York Airport Luggage Storage

After 11th September 2001, the city of New York and the United States, in general, limited the presence of luggage storage facilities. You won’t find luggage storage at New York airport, but you’ll have some convenient solutions to optimize your time in the city that never sleeps.

Luggage storage locations well connected to John F. Kennedy International Airport

New York’s airport, named after President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, is situated in the Jamaica neighborhood of Queens, and it’s 16 miles southeast of Midtown. JFK Airport is considered to be the most important airport in the city.

Below you will find some useful options that will allow you to walk around NY a little more and get to the airport in no time.

Luggage storage with a direct connection to JFK Airport

All of our luggage storage facilities near Penn Station allow you to move to New York’s Airport in about 40 minutes.

From Pennsylvania Station, you’ll find a convenient bus (Port Jefferson 7606 Huntington) that takes you to Jamaica Station, where you’ll find the AirTrain to the airport.

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