Find the best luggage storage option around Notre Dame

Why choose luggage storage near the Notre Dame area? For us, it’s easy to answer this question! Storing your heavy bags in a safe place allows you to visit one of the most exciting districts of Paris hassle-free. Also, you’ll be able to move quickly and free yourself from heavy items and the worry of losing something valuable.

Luggage storage options near Notre Dame

As you know, there are several luggage lockers in Paris, but are they safe enough?

In a recent survey, we discovered that answers are quite consistent. Some people claim that using lockers is a very convenient solution, but most of them would rely on other services.

Luggage lockers in Paris

store your luggage in paris: choose the best options and goEven if self-service lockers seem like a quick and comfortable solution, they have a few disadvantages.

First of all, it’s not always possible to fit large suitcases into standard size lockers. Although they’re monitored, it’s better to choose locations with live staff.

In addition, all lockers have an automatic system. When you enter the money, the machine prints a recipe that must be used to reopen the locker. If you accidentally lose this receipt, you’ll no longer be able to take back your belongings and will have to wait for someone to help you.

This could be very unpleasant, especially if your train is leaving soon. Another problem that could happen to you when you choose a locker is finding it full or broken. Also, the prices aren’t that low. Check it out yourself.

  • Small lockers – €5.50.
  • Medium lockers – €7.50.
  • Large lockers – €9.50.

Safe and practical luggage storage locations

However, there are other services, much more comfortable and safe than ordinary lockers. These left luggage facilities can be booked online and are managed by real people.

Visit the site for further information. Ours are not traditional luggage storage offices but verified local companies that have chosen to turn unused spaces within their premises into luggage storage areas.

By booking online a luggage storage place near Notre Dame, you can reach a Radical Storage partner that will take care of your belongings for as long as you want (check opening hours before booking).

The price is very affordable: it’s €5 per day/piece of luggage. No weight and size limits. This means that if your suitcase is a bit larger than usual, you won’t pay extra fees.

As you can see, you’ll save a lot of money (at lockers you’d have paid almost ten euros for a suitcase).

Here is a map with all the luggage storage spots in the Notre Dame area and below the complete list.

storage location paris notre dame: map

  • Luggage Storage Luggage Storage Square Jean XXIII – Open until 20:00.
  • Left luggage Sorbonne – Open until 20:00.
  • Luggage Storage Notre-Dame de Paris.
  • Left luggage Saint-Michel – Open until 22:00.

Luggage storage near Notre Dame: benefits for travelers

To sum up, using Radica Storage locations allows you to:

  • Avoid waste of time and to save money. Check-in and check-out are immediate, and there are no additional fees. Storing luggage will be a piece of cake!
  • Take advantage of contactless operations: store your bags through a safe and hygienic way to make your purchases.
  • Feel safe while visiting the neighborhood.Our partners are reliable companies, supervised over time by our local staff.
  • Meet local people. Our partners (who we call Angels) are Parisians so that they can give you useful information about the neighborhood and the best restaurants in the city.
  • Having multilingual customer service available at any time of the day.
  • Benefit from discounts and promotional services provided by Angels to Radical Storage users.

Things to do in the Notre Dame neighborhood

Now that Notre-Dame Cathedral is out of order, what can you do and see nearby? Don’t worry, in the Notre-Dame district, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Although not accessible, Notre-Dame Cathedral isn’t completely destroyed. You can still see the external facades when you explore Paris.

On the island that houses the building, there are also several popular Parisian attractions. Below you find the main ones.


Sainte-ChapelleAmong the points of interest to visit while in Paris, there’s Sainte-Chapelle (The Holy Chapel), built by King Louis IX near his residence. It’s considered to be a gem of French Gothic architecture and is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Famous art critics consider it the most beautiful example of Gothic churches of all time, and they’re probably right! Its 600 square meters of stained glass windows enchant and stun all the spectators.

Unfortunately, you can’t enter the Sainte-Chapelle for free. For further information and reservations, you can visit the official website.

Address: Sainte Chapelle, 4 boulevard du Palais – 75001 Paris.

How to get there:

Subway: line 4.
RER: B and C lines to St-Michel Notre-Dame.
Buses: lines 21, 27, 38, 85, 96.

✅Good for art lovers.
✅Good for photographers.

Jean XXIII Square

things to do in parisRight by Notre-Dame Cathedral, there’s Jean XXIII Square, one of the most enchanting squares in the city. It’s a beloved green oasis, in which you can take a break from everyday life and take magnificent pictures.

The name is a tribute to John XXIII, called by Italians the “Good Pope”, proclaimed saint in 2014.

Address: 4 Parvis Notre-Dame – Pl. Jean-Paul II, 75004 Paris, France.

✅Good for kids.
✅Good for photographers.


Conciergerie Paris: viewThe Conciergerie is a massive complex building on the west of the Île de la Cité, formerly a prison but now used for law courts.

Here is the room where Queen Marie Antoinette was locked up before being executed. Later, this room was transformed into a small chapel dedicated to her memory.

The Conciergerie is open from 10:30 to 18:30. On the official website, it’s recommended to buy the tickets in advance.

Address: 2 Boulevard du Palais, 75001 Paris, France.

How to get there:

Metro: line 4 to Citè.
RER: B and C lines to St-Michel Notre-Dame stop.
Buses: lines 21, 27, 38, 85, 96.

✅ Good for history lovers.

Cluny Museum – National Museum of the Middle Ages

The Cluny Museum (French Musée national du Moyen Âge) consists of two monuments (The Frigidarium and the Hôtel de Cluny). It houses a stunning collection of western Medieval artifacts (23,000 pieces). It’s situated near Boulevards Saint-Michel and Saint-Germain, right in the heart of the famous Latin Quarter.

Among the most famous masterpieces of the museum, there is the Dame à la Licorne (The Lady and the Unicorn), tapestries considered the greatest works of art of the Middle Ages.

Address:28 Rue du Sommerard, 75005 Paris, France.

✅Good for museum lovers.

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