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Luggage storage Roma Termini | Here the best options

Here’s a practical guide to all the luggage storage locations near Roma Termini train station.

Believe it or not, holidays bring stress! High expectations, unforeseen circumstances, heat (or intense cold), and heavy luggage can ruin one of the year’s most desired periods.

If you’ve decided to spend your free time in beautiful Rome, congratulations! It’s a great choice! The Italian capital is a popular destination, especially for those who love art, architecture, and good food.

Many people asked us if there are luggage lockers in Roma Termini railway station. Unfortunately, the answer is not yet.

In Rome’s central station, you’ll find a left luggage office located on the ground floor – it’s close to Mercato Centrale. However, we don’t recommend using this storage point because it’s often crowded and expensive (even if you need it for a couple of hours).

You can choose our luggage storage network that has an affordable daily rate (Just €5) and a great value!

left luggage

Luggage storage Roma Termini | Store your luggage with the best provider

Near Rome Termini Station or via Giovanni Giolitti, there are easy to find luggage storage locations managed by digital companies.

Booking these convenient locations is straightforward and only takes a few seconds!

All you need to do is enter the website, choose the closest storage point, and book it in no time. Just keep scrolling to see a table with all prices and luggage storage options in Rome Termini.

Luggage Storage Roma Termini Station | How to choose the best storage facility

hotels in romeRule number one to choose the best luggage storage near Rome Train Terminal: don’t rely on the first random service that comes your way. It’s important to make an informed choice to avoid surprises.

Many companies offer hourly rates that can become very expensive in a large and unpredictable city like Rome.

Imagine that you have stored your luggage for 3 hours, and your bus doesn’t arrive at the scheduled time (yes, in a city like Rome, it’s widespread). As a result, you’ll be late and have to pay an additional fee.

To avoid this and many other issues, we advise you to select services that offer a fixed fare. With a daily fare, in fact, you can feel more relaxed and take as much time as you want. And if you’re late, you won’t pay any additional costs!

Here are all the luggage storage facilities at Rome Termini and their prices.

left luggage in rome

Luggage Storage Rome Termini Station| Book online

Below are the top three luggage storage places near Roma Termini Station. If you want to try the most competitive one right away, click here.

  1. The most expensive company is LuggageHero. It charges you €1 per hour and an additional handling fee.
  2. In the second place, we find Stasher with a fixed rate of €6 per piece of luggage.
  3. The winner is Radical Storage with a fixed rate of €5 per day/bag. No additional fees or restrictions applied. Besides, you can drop off and pick up your bags in less than no time

Radical Storage locations may also have special offers or discounts for customers. For example, if you choose a bar from our network, you can also get a discount on breakfast or a meal. You can find out if there are any offers in the booking confirmation message. Exploring the city hassle-free is now possible!

Here is a list of all the luggage deposit services in the Rome Termini area. You can book them with your credit card.

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