Luggage storage in Philadelphia | Discovering Philly is easy and smart!

Looking for a place to leave your bags could be daunting, that’s why you should rely on our luggage storage in Philadelphia!

Radical Storage is a mobile luggage storage service that can help you get rid of your bags wherever you are.

You can use Radical as a short-term luggage storage option for your bags or even a long-term one. In fact, many of our spots are available all day long.

Radical has a fixed daily rate: $6 per day and item. Storing your luggage in Philadelphia with us is highly affordable and stress-free.

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Luggage storage in Philadelphia | Popular and recommended options

Luggage storage in Philadelphia opens up many possibilities to explore the city without worries. Finding a safe place nearby to get rid of luggage quickly and conveniently is a pressing need for all travelers.

For budget travelers, it’s worth considering booking a daily luggage storage place. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Luggage storage Philly | 0,3 miles from Rittenhouse Square, 0,2 miles from the Mütter Museum at The College of Physicians, and 0,3 miles from Schuylkill Banks.
  • Jefferson Station baggage storage | 0,1 mile from Jefferson Station, 0,1 mile from Pennsylvania Convention Center, and 0,4 miles from City Hall Station.
  • Philadelphia Convention Center luggage storage | 0,1 miles from Suburban Station, 0,2 miles from One Liberty Observation Deck, and 0,3 miles from The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University.
  • 30th Street station luggage storage | 0,6 miles from William H. Gray III 30th Street.
  • Luggage storage Philadelphia Greyhound | 0,1 mile from Jefferson Station, 0,1 mile from Pennsylvania Convention Center, and 0,4 miles from City Hall Station.
  • Luggage storage Philadelphia Airport  | coming soon!

Finding reliable luggage storage facilities is crucial to avoid surprises and time wasted.

How many times have you googled words like luggage lockers near me? Among the results, you will indeed have found something that could meet your needs, but for some reason, you were not convinced.

You can choose from various conveniently located baggage storage spots through the Radical Storage app and website!

Besides, you can choose the times that suit you best or leave your luggage for an entire day.

Luggage storage in Philadelphia | The most affordable price in the city

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Radical Storage is the best way to store your bags because it boasts a fixed daily rate with no additional costs and size limits. This means that you can store your bags with our partners (called Angels) for a few hours or a whole day without paying more.

Storing your bags in Philadelphia with us costs just $6 per day and item!

You can use our service if you want to sightsee during a long layover and Philadelphia’s airport luggage storage or lockers are full or too expensive for you.

Many of our customers use Radical even if they wait for hotel check-in or catch a late-night train. Technology today saves us, so there’s no reason to drag your bags around!

Luggage storage Philadelphia | Advantages 

Storing your bags with Radical Storage has many advantages over traditional Philadelphia luggage lockers. 

  • Always around you: our bag storage spots are located in every corner of the city.
  • All-inclusive price: our rate is fixed, so you won’t have any surprises even if you have a suitcase a little bulkier than usual.
  • Open 24/7: several of our partners are open at all times of the day and even at night!
  • Secure: each item you store is covered by a guarantee of up to €3000.
  • Easy-to-understand app and website: it only takes a few taps to find and book the baggage storage location that’s right for you.
  • Flexibility: luggage drop-off and pick-up times can be flexible, and you can add extra bags to your reservation at any time.
  • Chat for all customers: our agents are always ready to answer your questions.

No more need to search for luggage storage near me on Google. Just tap the Radical luggage storage app, and off you go!

Getting around Philadelphia 

visit philly: best options

Locals and visitors rate Philly as one of the best walking cities in the US, and it’s no wonder why.  The city’s layout is simple to master, and the main streets you’ll come across are chock-full of shops, cafes, museums, and parks.

Downtown Philadelphia is compact, spanning 25 blocks between two rivers: the Schuylkill and Delaware. Plus, the five most popular public plazas – Rittenhouse, Franklin, Washington, Logan, and City Hall – are conveniently located and serve as perfect rest stops during a long walk. 

However, if you’re too tired or not a fan of walking, there are several options for getting around comfortably.

Public transport

SEPTA is the company that provides public transportation to and within Philadelphia and serves the surrounding counties.

It manages train, trolley, subway, and bus lines serving locals and giving visitors an easy and affordable way to get around the city.

  • Rail – SEPTA’s Regional Rail trains serve Philly and the Countryside, with stations throughout the city. Schedule and other information.
  • Subway – SEPTA’s subway system consists of The Market-Frankford Line (MFL) and Broad Street Line (BSL).
  • Trolley – Philadelphia has 8 trolley lines that provide street-level and underground service.
  • Buses – Getting around by bus is effortless as SEPTA operates approximately 100 bus routes that transport passengers throughout the city and surrounding region and provide service to regional train stations. Night Owl lines work 24 hours a day.

Information about tickets.

Philly PHLASH Downtown Loop

The Philly PHLASH Downtown Loop is the fastest and cheapest way to reach Philadelphia’s major attractions and cultural institutions. Check the route map here.

The service costs just $2 per ride. Children (under 4 and 4), seniors, and SEPTA Key and Pass holders ride free!

Taxi and Uber

Getting around Philadelphia by taxi or Uber is straightforward. You can find taxis in every neighborhood in the city and at the Philadelphia International Airport.

Besides, on the city’s busiest streets, you can also hail one the old-fashioned way!

Alternatively, you can get from neighborhood to neighborhood using Uber or other similar services (Lyft). Just enter the official sites or download the dedicated apps.


Over the past few years, Philadelphia has become one of the most bike-friendly cities in the United States thanks to its bike lanes along city streets, hundreds of miles of trails, and a growing number of people using bicycles. Philly offers lovers of two wheels and pedals:

  • 440+ miles of bike lanes,
  • 300 miles of bike trails,
  • 140 bike rental stations throughout the city.

View all the paths.




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