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Luggage storage Downtown San Francisco | Discover how to enlighten your days

Get ready to lighten up a vacation or a business trip with our guide to the best luggage storage in downtown San Francisco. You’ll find out which luggage storage services and apps are most loved by travelers.

So, if you’re wondering where can I leave my bags in San Francisco and how much does it cost to store luggage in San Francisco, here you’ll find all the answers you need.

If you want to visit Pier 39, The Museum of Modern Art, Alcatraz Island, or if you’re going to make an excursion near the Golden Gate Bridge, get rid of all your luggage and maximize your free time!

Don’t have time to read our guide? Don’t worry. We selected for you the most affordable service! It costs only $6 per day/bag at no additional costs. Choose the bag storage location that suits you in a few seconds.

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Luggage storage Downtown San Francisco | Top-rated locations

store your bags in downtown: san francisco

Many people have asked us which are the best luggage storage in downtown San Francisco, so we made a list. This list is also helpful for those who don’t want to use luggage storage at San Francisco Airport due to its limited operating hours.

Some of the most reliable baggage storage facilities are open 24/7 and ensure you get maximum protection and constant monitoring of all your luggage.

You can book the one you wish directly online with a credit card and other very secure payment methods.

  • Luggage storage Union Square San Francisco | Among the best baggage storage locations in San Francisco, just 0,4 miles from Union Square and 0,3 miles from the Great American Music Hall.
  • Pier 39 luggage storage | In the Chinatown district and open every day.
  • San Francisco luggage storage Fisherman’s Wharf | On Union Street and 0,3 miles from Lombard Street.

The service of all these luggage storage facilities is managed by Radical Storage, the first worldwide network of baggage storage spots.

Every day, Radical connects travelers with local businesses that have chosen to use secure spaces of their premises as luggage storage to pamper all regular travelers.

SFO luggage storage price compared to other services

Before using any luggage storage service, knowing its prices and restrictions is important. For example, storing your luggage in San Francisco airport within the travel agency will cost you $15 to $35 for 24 hours. Prices depend on the size of the bags.

Instead, with Radical Storage, you’ll store your bags in areas of the city that are well connected to the airport, thus saving you from long lines at the airport storage and paying a much lower rate.

So, if you want to store your luggage for a whole day and explore the city during a layover, the most convenient solution is to find a luggage storage spot with Radical Storage’s platform.

Each spot costs $6 per day and item at no extra charges!

At our Angels, you won’t find any queues, and you can get rid of your suitcases in a few minutes.

Our Angels have been selected with great care by local staff. As you can see, a lower price does not mean a lower quality of service.

Plus, you can see what our customers think about us by reading the reviews on the pages of each storage in San Francisco and other cities of the world.

Luggage storage Downtown San Francisco | How it works

visit san francisco: best tips

Booking through the website or using our luggage storage app is extremely easy!

All you have to do is enable geolocation on your device and view the list of luggage storage points closest to your current address.

If you want to book luggage storage in another area or another city, you can enter an address manually in the search bar on the home page.

Once you have made your reservation, our system will send you a confirmation with all the details to reach the Angel you have chosen. Along with the booking details, you’ll view a QR code that acts as a security seal for your luggage.

Each QR code is associated with one or more bags of the same person, so you can check in and quickly thanks to it. Besides, our Angel will recognize your luggage immediately with the QR code!

Downtown San Francisco | Essentials

visit california: downtown san francisco

San Francisco’s financial district is the heart of the city’s business industry. However, downtown isn’t just for the business savvy. Downtown is also for tourists and locals alike. In fact, there are plenty of things to do in the heart of San Francisco for pleasure and entertainment.

Getting around

Getting around San Francisco is effortless with public transport. Besides, the most popular attractions are within walking distance, right from the Business District.

Municipal Transportation (Muni) operates bus routes, streetcars, and the famous cable cars.

Suppose you travel from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to Downtown. In that case, you can take the Bay Area Rapid Transit commuter train (called BART) or a cab, spending about $46 -66, depending on your final destination and time of day.

Famous museums in San Francisco’s financial district

  • Wells Fargo Museum – 420 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94104, United States. Operating hours.
  • Pacific Heritage Museum – 608 Commercial St, San Francisco, CA 94111, United States. Opening hours.
  • San Francisco Historical Society – 608 Commercial St, San Francisco, CA 94111, United States. Operating hours.
  • Fraenkel Gallery – 49 Geary St #450, San Francisco, CA 94108, United States. Operating hours.

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