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Find the perfect luggage storage solution near the Colosseum

You wished to visit Rome so much that now that you’re there, you wouldn’t want to miss a minute! You can do it! With the luggage storage locations close to the Colosseum, you can enjoy the eternal city from the first to the last minute.

You can take advantage of these services even if you’re on a business trip and want to enjoy your free time.

left luggage

In a city like Rome, it’s essential to get rid of heavy bags because:

  • There’s a lot to walk! The wonders of Rome can only be enjoyed to the fullest by immersing yourself directly in its streets, alleys and archaeological sites.
  • Rome’s public transport is chaotic. As in many cities in southern Europe, the Italian capital also experiences this problem. The long waits and full subway cars prevent you from moving comfortably, especially if you are carrying a trolley case or a big backpack.
  • There are a few luggage storage spots inside the museums. Many museums and archaeological sites don’t accept large suitcases or don’t have any storage facilities.

All these problems can be solved by just one service: Radical Storage.

Luggage Storage Colosseum: how does our facilities in Rome work?

store your luggage in romeTo choose your ideal location, enter the company website and type the desired address. Alternatively, you can enable the geolocation system that will show you the nearest left luggage facilities in a breeze. Let’s take this concrete example.

Do you want to leave your bags near the Colosseum to enter the archaeological sites nearby?? No problem! Radical has several luggage storage points a stone’s throw from Colosseum, some of them also open at night!

Here is a map of all the Radical Storage options near the Colosseum.

luggage storage colosseum

Services in Rome – Luggage storage Colosseum

  • Luggage storage via Celimontana
  • Luggage storage Colosseum Station – Very close to the subway station (line B and B1)
  • Left luggage and bike rental Colosseum
  • Store your bags near Colosseum Square

Luggage Storage Colosseum – price

There are several luggage storage solutions near the Colosseum, but only a few provide competitive rates and safety. Radical Storage is one of them.

It guarantees you an advantageous competitive price (€5 per item /day) and verified partners. You can pay by credit card directly and assure a place for your bags at our Angels, the security seals of your belongings.

Our Angels are safe and welcoming local businesses that can take care of your stuff from the first to the last minute.

Moreover, you can choose to store your luggage for a few hours or a whole day, it’s up to you! However, the price won’t change!

With us, there are no weight or size limits and no extra fees.

Do you need to store your luggage for more than a day? Why not! With Radical Storage, you’ll have a long term luggage storage service in Rome at an unbeatable price.

To show you how advantageous our service is, take a look at our competitors’ prices.

You can also book your favorite luggage storage using our convenient app (available for Android and iOS devices).

Exploring the city has never been easier now that you have a luggage storage guide at your disposal. Find all luggage storage near Colosseum and leave your luggage with our fantastic storage network.

To discover our services near the major train stations, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team.

But now let’s cut the chit-chat. It’s time to focus on things to do near the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.

2023 City Guide Roma: Colosseum and nearby attractions

left luggage colosseum romeIt’s not only the Colosseum that makes this neighborhood unique but the presence of other important monuments, meeting places, trendy clubs, and tasty restaurants.

If you’ve never been to Rome, we’d like to tell you that the Flavian Amphitheater’s neighborhood is one of the coolest in the capital.

Gay-friendly bars, vintage markets, and restaurants where you can taste the most famous dishes of Roman cuisine make this location unique.

Welcome to Monti

luggage storage montiBefore taking your train, we recommend a visit to Monti, a truly delightful district that will let you get to know the real Italian movida.

From Colosseum, you can reach Monti on foot or take the metro B or B1 for one stop.

Michelangelo at your fingertips

Arts lovers will appreciate this neighborhood! Right here, in fact, is the Church of San Pietro in Vincoli, which boasts one of the most beautiful sculptures in the world: Michelangelo’s Moses.

This is a colossal statue and masterpiece of 16th-century art that few people know and visit. So, it’s the perfect place if you don’t like crowded places.

The Orange Trees Garden

the orange trees garden romeIf you like landscapes or want to take your partner to a very romantic place, we suggest you drop by Parco Savello – called by locals The Orange Trees Garden. This cute park is the perfect place for a wedding proposal or simply to have one of the most beautiful views of Rome!

Need to know about this place: many photoshoots of famous Instagrammers take place right here.

Address: Piazza Pietro D’Illiria, 00153 Roma RM

All the luggage storage services in Rome:

Vatican area
Termini Station

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