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How do I find luggage storage near me?

How many times in your life have you had to sit in an airport or train station for hours because you had no place to store your luggage? In this guide, we’ll answer a question that you always wanted to ask but never dared to: “Can I easily find luggage storage near me“?
The answer is “Yes, you can!” Nevertheless, we aim to tell you more and give you the best advice and the quickest solutions.

If you want to solve rapidly the luggage problem, Radical Storage helps you! You can find it in hundreds of cities all over the world. All you have to do is search for the storage points closest to your current location and choose the one you prefer.

Luggage storage near me: click here to find them all!

Storage lockers near me: are these services reliable?

storage lockersMany tourists are used to searching for “lockers,” small locked cabinets situated at airports and stations. Although they provide a very convenient way to solve the luggage problem, automatic lockers hold some disadvantages that could make you waste time and lose money.

  • Lockers are expensive – Don’t let hourly rates fool you! On holiday or a business trip, unexpected events may lengthen the time you use this service. Therefore, you better rely on companies with a fixed daily rate.
  • They aren’t always safe – Video surveillance systems often fail. This is why we recommend that you always rely on a luggage storage service with real people.
  • They are often full – The amount of lockers is often very limited, so during public holidays or festivals, you may find them fully booked.
  • They don’t always have room for large suitcases. Even though lockers have different sizes (such as S, M, and L), some suitcases might not fit. If that happens, you’ll be forced to take the suitcase with you, without having the chance to get rid of it.
  • They’re subject to malfunction. Not always maintenance operators can fix malfunctioning lockers promptly, especially during holidays. In case it happens, you could be walking around with your suitcase again.

Why rely on a luggage storage service run by human beings

left luggage partnersTravel is a memorable experience that allows you to get to know new places, different cultures and, if you are lucky, make new friends.
Radical Storage optimizes your holiday or business trip with a unique service, managed by kind and reliable people. All the partners have been carefully chosen by our local team to ensure our users a pleasant experience.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in a hat shop or a cafè, our Angels (as we call all our partners) are ready to offer you a safe place for your luggage and many other useful services.

Finding luggage storage near me with Radical is easy and fun. We hold many advantages over traditional left-luggage offices, and here you find some of them:

  • You’ll rely on professionals. The Radical Storage staff has carefully chosen its employees to make you feel supported from the first to the last moment.
  • We set a daily rate. This rate is ideal for chronic latecomers, but also for those who want to enjoy the very last hours in the city, stress-free. The cost changes depending on the country you are in; here are some examples:
    Luggage storage near Penn Station $6
    Luggage storage near Victoria Station £5
    Luggage storage near Rome Termini Station €5
    Luggage storage near Sydney Central 8A$
    Luggage storage near Suvarnabhumi Airport ฿100
  • Guaranteed – Since lockers aren’t always safe, it’s better to entrust your belongings with real people. Our partners will arrange your luggage in a safe place, inside their premises, keeping a constant watch over the area.
  • Flexible schedule – All our storage points have flexible operating hours. Some of them, in fact, are open h24! If you have scheduled your pick-up for 6 PM, but you’re late and will arrive at 7 PM, check the closing time of the business. If the closing time is at 8 pm, please contact our partner and extend the time for free! Before using the service, don’t forget to take note of the operating hours of the chosen business.
  • 24/7 Customer service – Do you have any questions, or would you like to know more about the service? Chat live to one of our customer support advisors. Don’t speak English? It doesn’t matter, we speak your language!
  • Useful information about the city for free – Our partners are local people, so they can also help you find the best restaurants in town or monuments and attractions worth visiting. They can also give you tips on how to save money or offer you additional services at discounted prices.
  • Bid farewell to stress – With Radical Storage, you can walk through a new city completely worry-free. How many times have you been afraid of losing valuables, or you got a bad backache? because of a heavy backpack? By using our service, those bad times will just become memories! Enter museums without trolley cases, reach your business meeting or university class without any backpacks!

Five simple steps to store your bags with Radical Storage

lockers near me

  1. Find ‘luggage storage near me’ by enabling geolocation.
  2. Book online your space by using the website or the dedicated app, and get your QR code.
  3. View the full address of our Angel.
  4. Reach the storage point and check in your luggage in 3 minutes.
  5. Get the most of your free time!

Where’s Radical Storage?

Our company was born in Italy and in a few months has expanded into the main cities of the world. You can find us in Europe, in the United States, in the Southern Hemisphere, and also in different countries of Asia. Recently, we have also arrived in Africa.
To see all Radical’s cities, just enter our website or open the Radical Storage app. Don’t you find us? Reach out to us by live chat, and we’ll send our staff on-site to look for safe new Angels!

By Anna Maria Parente

Content manager and SEO copywriter at Radical Storage. Interested in linguistics, illustration, and rock music.