Lighten Your Load for a Trip to London

If you’re planning a weekend excursion to London and you want to make the best use of your time, you need to pack lightly. Now that airlines have cracked down on overweight bags and given passengers even less space, it’s essential for travelers to learn how to pack lightly for a weekend. The key is to focus on bringing the essentials and to consider the weight and volume of items.

Once you’ve figured out how to lighten your luggage load, you can use a carry-on and avoid the long delays in Heathrow’s baggage claim area. Or, if you really want to lighten your load, you can take advantage of Radical Storage’s luggage drop-off and storage system, with locations throughout the city.

Easy Tips and Tricks

Streamlining your luggage and reducing the number of things you bring takes some planning and practice. Here are some simple secrets to help you pack lightly for a week or more:

  • Quality Bag – The first step in packing lightly is finding the right type of suitcase that is light and expandable. Most travel experts recommend a carry-on size suitcase or a backpack for easiest transport.
  • Wardrobe Basics – If you’re planning a trip to London, you’ll need to bring only the basics from your closet. Think about the typical outfit you may wear, and only pack those essentials. Avoid bringing specialty clothes, special occasion outfits or other random items.
  • Lightweight Items – Avoid bringing things that are too bulky or heavy. If you must bring a heavy jacket, wear it during the journey. Don’t bring an excessive number of shoes; instead, one extra pair may be a good option.

Buy Travel Toiletries

For most travelers, it’s best to bring a small bag of travel-size toiletries, such as shampoo, soap and toothpaste. These items are smaller and lighter than full-size options and are most often accepted in airport security checkpoints.
You can downsize your luggage load and get a better experience in the incredible city of London. Drop off your bag at one of Radical Storage’s locations around London while you explore the city.

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