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How To Pack Lightly for New York City

When you’re going on a short trip to an exciting destination such as New York, you don’t want to bring more luggage than is necessary. It costs money to check in and is a hassle to keep track of and lug around. Many variables, however, make it seem impossible to pack lightly. What if the weather changes? What if you participate in an activity that requires the footwear you left behind? With some planning and creativity, you can fit everything you need for New York without resorting to multiple bags or a huge suitcase.

Think Versatility

New York City may be a major fashion locale, but including every unique outfit you own will take up all your luggage space. Choose stylish pieces and accessories you can mix and match instead, along with one outfit you can easily dress up or down for special events. Bring a jacket that serves as both casual and formal, such as a peacoat in chilly weather or a jean jacket in warmer temperatures.

For footwear, leave the tennis shoes behind. They’re bulky, tacky, and single-purpose. Go with something more fashionable (and therefore versatile!) yet comfortable, such as:

  • Cushioned flats
  • Slip-ons or loafers
  • Supportive sandals
  • Boots

A sleek sneaker works, too, if your itinerary excludes fancy affairs.

Use Space Wisely

Once you have everything you want to bring, lay it all out on the bed. Use a small or medium bag depending on how long your trip is to keep you at your space limit. Remember that what you wear while traveling to and from NYC counts toward your clothing needs to prevent you from overpacking.

Utilize one of the many methods or products for maximizing space to pack lightly for a weekend. Make sure you leave enough room for souvenirs or clothes you buy on your trip. If it seems impossible to pack lightly for a week of adventure, remember that Radical Storage has you covered in storing your multiple bags so you can enjoy your travels. Search here to find a place nearby.