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Tips for Getting to and From JFK Airport

Airports provide both a means of traveling to a destination and of welcoming more stress into your life. Traffic near airports is often congested, going through security is a hassle, and maneuvering multiple suitcases is a challenge. These are just as true for New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport as it is for anywhere else. Whether you’re on your way to an exhilarating trip to New York City or on your way home from one, here are a few tips to make easier both getting to JFK airport and leaving JFK.


Many ways are available to you for traveling to and from JFK. These include:

  • Taxi: You can make riding in an iconic yellow cab part of your New York experience. It’s not always as expensive as you think.
  • Ride-sharing service: Get a ride from a local, but beware of high-demand fees.
  • Subway: Another icon of NYC, the subway may be the fastest and cheapest route. It can also be confusing and difficult if you have lots of luggage.

Which route is best depends on your location or destination, the time of day, your schedule, and your budget.


The worst window for getting to JFK airport is in late afternoon to evening on weekdays. Finding a cab can also be difficult during this time due to shift changes. Leaving no later than after lunch can reduce travel time a lot.

When it comes to getting from JFK airport, mornings are the worst. If you have a redeye flight, get on the road before 6 a.m. or not until the morning rush is over. Don’t wait until evening, though, as traffic can be just as bad from this direction, too. Subways have similar rush hours but still tend to be busy all day and night.

Other Tips
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