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Where To Store Your Luggage in New York City

Packing may be the worst part of preparing for and leaving an adventurous vacation. Packing lightly may not be an option due to events, activities, and weather that require specific clothing and gear. Whatever the reason, you may have more bags than you can handle. The good news is you have places to store luggage in New York so you can be free to enjoy your visit. Here a few of them along with their pros and cons.


A hotel or other accommodation is likely your first choice. You can unpack your belongings as if at home for easy access, and security is high. Unfortunately, you waste time and money traveling between the hotel and places of activity to pick up and drop off needed items. Otherwise, you still have to bring some bags with you to avoid making multiple trips. If you’re only staying one day, then a hotel may not even be an option.


If you rent a vehicle, then you can take your stuff with you anywhere you go. However, there’s a greater risk of theft, and you can only fit so much in a vehicle.

Lockers and Storage Centers

Some locations, such as the airport and popular sites, have lockers available for use. Storage centers are often nearby, too. They’re convenient if you plan on staying at or near the location, but space may be limited. Prices can be high, too, especially for large items. You also have to work around times of operation.

Business-Based Luggage Storage

No matter your situation, the business-based luggage storage network Radical Storage may be the best answer. This entails leaving your suitcases at an approved, tourist-convenient small business, such as a restaurant or even a hotel you’re not staying at. You get to choose the location.

With this method, you don’t have to drop off things at the hotel between activities or worry about space in a car or locker. There are no extra fees for heavy or large items, either. You can fit last-minute sightseeing in before your flight without taking bags with you.

Find out more about how Radical Storage works and leave your luggage woes behind.