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2024 Ultimate Guide to finding luggage storage by Edinburgh Waverley

We’re here to help you finding safe luggage storage near Waverley Station, to enjoy your days in Edinburgh to the fullest!

Most trains depart from this station, that’s why our left luggage solutions in Waverley Station can definitely turn your day around!

Is your train leaving late in the evening, and you want to visit 2 or 3 more monuments you didn’t have time to see? Radical Storage is the magic name.

Our convenient service is also great if your flight isn’t until late evening, and you don’t want to spend your time in the airport terminal.

Rather than waste your free hours strolling around with your luggage, you can book our comfortable left luggage options within walking distance of Waverley Station.left luggage

Left luggage Waverley Station | Price

The key to making your experience affordable is that you pay a fixed price, no matter how long you stay in the city. We won’t clock up any charges at pick-up. You’ll pay a flat fee in advance: £5 per day and per bag.

There’s more! Radical Storage doesn’t charge additional fees even if you have an XL luggage! Have you been shopping a lot and your suitcase is heavy? No problem, we won’t weigh it! You can leave it anyway by paying the flat rate. Similarly, we have no restrictions on baggage size.

At our corporate partners called “Angels”, you can leave all kinds of luggage, from backpacks to bicycle cases.

Your belongings will be neatly stored in a safe place, away from public areas, and always supervised.

As you see, find safe left luggage in Waverley is not rocket science!

Luggage storage Waverley Station | recommended options

left luggage waverley station: important informationAnd now we have a gift for you: a list of the most popular Waverley Station luggage storage facilities!

  • Temporary luggage storage Waverley Station | With more than 800 reviews | Located in the Old Town | £5 per day at no extra charges.
  • Left luggage Waverley Station | Open every day | 100 meters from Edinburgh Castle | £5 per day at no extra charges.
  • Luggage storage Edinburgh Waverley | Open every day | 85 meters from the Museum of Edinburgh | £5 per day at no extra charges.
  • Day storage near me | Open every day | 320 meters from Canongate Kirk | £5 per day at no extra charges.

Luggage storage Waverley Station & luggage storage app

Did you know that you can also book from our awesome app? Yes, the choice to reserve a safe place for your luggage is twofold: from the website and through the dedicated app.

Plus, using Radical Storage’s app, you can always have us at your fingertips on your next trips.

For example, if you’re looking for luggage storage in London (your next destination), tap on the city’s dedicated page and choose the location that’s right for you.

Moreover, through the app, you can check all the details of your reservations, get special discounts on various tourist services, and change your check-in and check-out times.

google play: Radical Storage appapp store: download radical storage

Now that you’re free from the burden of your bags, do you want to know what the most interesting attractions are within walking distance of Waverley? Don’t worry, we’ve thought of just about everything!

Here are the top 4 best things to do near Edinburgh Waverley.

Things to do in Edinburgh, near Weverley Station

store your luggage in Edinburgh: safe locations for bagsWaverley Station is the largest hub in Edinburgh (the second largest is Haymarket Station) and lies between the Old Town and the new city, not far from the Castle and the Princes Street Gardens. In addition to being important for Scotland’s history, this station is crucial to its economic success.

Edinburgh Waverley is open from Monday to Saturday (04:00 – 00:45) and Sundays (06:00 – 00:45). To see departures and arrives at this station, you can visit the NationalRail website.

Edinburgh Waverley Station Map.

Being in a strategic location, Waverley Station is also very close to several of Edinburgh’s points of interest. If you don’t know how to spend your free time, you can get inspired by our ideas.

Take a walk in the Old Town

Old Town Edinburgh: plan your tripThis labyrinth of narrow alleys and cobblestone streets is incredibly preserved and it’s packed with all kinds of entertainment. Its centuries-old buildings make visitors feel they are in an ancient era, perhaps unreachable, yet so vibrant.

Explore one of the several traditional pubs and taste delicious craft beers with typical appetizers.

Enter souvenir stores along the way and buy a tartan golf tee bag for your friends or a tartan ted for your children.

The Old Town of Edinburgh is an array of historical attractions you shouldn’t miss!

Entertain yourself in the Royal Mile

Royal mile: best places in ScotlandCertainly, while visiting the city center you can’t help but find yourself on the Royal Mile, a succession of streets that connects the wonderful Edinburgh Castle with the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

Royal Miles offers much to do, given that it’s chock-full of superb attractions, historical sites, and some of the best eating spots in the city.

Among the must-see places we’d like to recommend:

  • The Real Mary King’s Close: a historic site located beneath the buildings of the Royal Mile.
  • The Scottish Storytelling Centre: an arts venue for modern storytelling.

Address: Royal Mile, 109 The Royal Mile, Edinburgh EH1 1SG, United Kingdom.

View the city from Calton Hill

Calton Hill: ScotlandDefinitely, this is a perfect place for Instagrammers. From here, you can take amazing photos that, even without filters, will look great!

This hill is considered as the Edinburgh Acropolis and has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. From here, you can admire the entire Old Town, including Arthur’s Seat (an extinct volcano), the Parliament, Princess Street, and much more.

Besides, Calton Hill is also home to a wonderful collection of historical monuments. Some of the most famous include the National Monument, the Nelson Monument, and the City Observatory.

Address: Calton Hill Edinburgh EH7 5AA, United Kingdom.

Don’t miss the Scottish National Gallery

Scottish National Gallery: museumThe Scottish National Gallery is one of the most important museums in Scotland. It’s located on the Mound (not far from Princess Street), so you can easily reach it even if you’re near Waverley Station.

This amazing museum boasts a wonderful collection of fine art, including paintings by Johannes Vermeer, Sandro Botticelli, and Paul Gauguin.

Find the full list of artists here.

COVID-19 Updates: important information about the gallery’s opening hours.

Address: the Mound, Edinburgh EH2 2EL, United Kingdom

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