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Luggage storage in San Francisco | Make your life easier

We’ve created this guide to the best luggage storage places in San Francisco for all avid travelers like you! Read it all or book the top service we’ve selected for you now!

+10 locations around the city. Safe and reliable partners.

Just $6 per day and per piece of luggage.

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Luggage storage San Francisco | The best solutions in the city

Walking, hiking, sailing, this is what your trip to San Francisco should be about. Yet, sometimes it isn’t easy to make the most of a holiday or the free time of a business trip because of the luggage.

Backpacks, trolleys, and duffel bags can make a long layover or the last day of vacation very tiring.

Don’t worry, we’re here to give you good news. In San Francisco, you’ll find plenty of solutions to store your luggage!

Radical Storage is a reliable luggage storage network that you can use to get rid of all your bags in minutes.

San Francisco luggage storage | Locations recommended by travelers

Below you’ll find all the luggage storage options that are most popular with the city’s visitors.

  • Luggage storage San Francisco Union Square | 0,4 miles from Uni/luggage-storage/san-francisco/union-square/luggage-storage-union-squareon Square.
  • Luggage storage Castro | 0,1 miles from the GLBT Historical Society Museum.
  • Luggage storage Van Ness Station | 0,2 miles from Van Ness Avenue.
  • Luggage storage Chinatown | 0,3 miles from the Transamerica Pyramid.

How to book luggage storage in San Francisco with Radical Storage

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At Radical Storage, we partner with local businesses across hundreds of cities to make travel and life easier for you.

Our partner stores, restaurants, and offices are reliable local companies that will keep your bags safe until you come to collect them.

You can store your bags in a simple way (4 steps needed)

  1. Visit the website or download the app
  2. Find a Radical Storage location near you and book online
  3. Drop off your bags with our Angels
  4. Enjoy your hands-free day!

Check the price and smile!

Remember the hourly rates for storing luggage? Forget them! Radical Storage has a flat rate, and you pay at the booking stage.

All payments and information details provided are fully secured by our payment system.

When you arrive at our partner’s place, you only have to show the QR code you received and leave your bags there.

We have no price list because you can store your luggage for $6 per day and per piece of luggage. Our rate doesn’t hide any extra cost!

Besides, each baggage item is covered with a guarantee of up to €3000 (around usd3500) in case of breakage, loss, or robbery.

Why should I store luggage in San Francisco with Radical Storage?

Radical Storage is your Airbnb-inspired bag drop companion.

We have trustworthy partners called Angels right inside the city’s very own local companies, such as shops, cafes, offices, and hotels.

Also, we are a smart alternative to traditional San Francisco luggage lockers. Inside our luggage storage, you’ll find plenty of space for your luggage, no lines, and no hassle.

How many times have you been afraid that the lockers wouldn’t open and you’d miss your train, or how many times have you found them malfunctioning? With us, this will never happen again because our staff is always ready to help you!

Generally, when you want to drop off your luggage, you have to stand in line and wait your turn. With us, this will not happen because, at our partners, there are no lines. Check-in and check-out are very fast!

San Francisco Airport luggage storage service

There is a baggage storage alternative at the San Francisco Airport, but it’s pretty expensive. So, we suggest that you leave your luggage in our storage locations well-connected to the airport.

However, find the rates below if you want to leave your bags at the airport because your time is limited.

At San Francisco Airport, storage is exclusively available at the Airport Travel Agency. Prizes vary depending on the size of the item.

Type of Baggage Rate per piece
Laptop or briefcase up to 16” $7 per hour / $15 for 24 hours
Small Suitcase $8 per hour / $20 – $25 for 24 hours
25” to 28″ suitcase $9 per hour / $30 for 24 hours
29” suitcase $10 per hour / $35 for 24 hours
Golf bag, skis, surf equipment, dog kennel $35 for 24 hours
Bicycle $40 for 24 hours

Please note that rates can change, visit the official website to read any updates.

As you can see, it’s much cheaper to leave your luggage in the city.

Things to do after storing your bags

california: dream placeUnforgettable moments and world-class culture are just two of the features of this city.

Although very small, San Francisco is one of the best-known cities in the States and the world. San Francisco is a true gem renowned for its grand Victorian buildings, cable cars, waterfront, and stunning Golden Gate Bridge.

Things to do near Union Square San Francisco

There is so much to do and see in this area of the city. You could also leave your luggage behind and indulge in an outdoor activity. If you have no idea what to do in San Francisco, you can read our guide with the best ideas for all types of travelers.

However, if you don’t want to stray too far because your plane leaves in a few hours, exploring downtown San Francisco is the way to go!

Union Square is located near Market Street, one of the city’s shopping streets. So, if you want to shop on your trip, this is the place to be!

Another place you shouldn’t miss once in Union Square is the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), located at 151 3rd St. This is one of the largest museums of contemporary art in the U.S. and home to painters artwork from around the world.

If you have already visited this museum, you should know that a few minutes from Union Square, several art galleries exist, such as Caldwell Snyder Gallery, Scott Richards Contemporary Art, Robert Tat Gallery – Photographs, or San Francisco Art Exchange LLC.

Another museum in the neighborhood popular with tourists is The Contemporary Jewish Museum, located just a few feet from the lovely Yerba Buena Gardens.

Attractions you shouldn’t miss in the San Francisco Chinatown district

Another fairly central district of San Francisco is Chinatown, famous for being the oldest Chinatown in the United States and Canada and the largest enclave of the Great Dragon outside of Asia. Plus, it’s San Francisco’s most visited attraction ever!

The enclave continues to cherish China’s distinctive language, traditions, and religions.

Best attractions in the Van Ness Station area

Van Ness Station area is a strategic place to get around downtown San Francisco quickly and get to the beach in no time.

Here there is a wide range of stores, boutiques, and restaurants where you can spend relaxing moments.

Once there, don’t miss a visit to The Painted Ladies, another great attraction in the city. These Victorian and Edwardian-style houses definitely represent the more colorful side of San Francisco.

Another must-see attraction close to the station is The Asian Art Museum.

FAQs about bag storage in San Francisco

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Does San Francisco airport have luggage storage?

Yes. You can read all the details in the chapter of this article, “San Francisco Airport luggage storage service.” Otherwise, you can book a Radical Storage service in San Francisco City Center, well-connected with the airport.

Where can I store my luggage for a few hours?

Radical Storage allows you to leave your bags for a few hours or the whole day at a fixed price ($6 per day). Ours is the most affordable rate in the city.

Do hotels offer luggage storage?

It depends on the hotel. Some accommodations allow customers to leave their bags some do not. If you’re not allowed to leave your luggage at the hotel, you can book a nearby storage facility with Radical Storage to make the most of your last hours or your last day in town!

Where can I store luggage before a flight?

You can reach a Radical luggage storage place and reach all the most important sights in the city, such as Alcatraz Island, Pier 39, or The Golden Gate Park.

Where can you dump large items in San Francisco?

With Radical Storage, you can store all types of bags, regardless of their size.

What is the best way to find self-storage company in the USA?

Connect to the website or download the Radical Storage app. Alternatively, you can contact 24-hour customer support.

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