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Luggage storage Amsterdam | Find out the most affordable options

Finding a luggage storage option in Amsterdam seems easy, but a few providers offer you a safe and affordable service.

The truth is that choosing a service, wherever it is, is not that simple as it seems. You should look for it carefully, especially if you are in a new country.

Nowadays, then, it’s important to find companies that sanitize their spaces following current regulations. This is to avoid feeling anxious even during well-deserved vacations!

Another element not to be underestimated is cost. There are very expensive services with hourly rates that force you to cut back on your hours of fun.

Then there is a solution that is very popular among travelers: Radical Storage. With this platform, you can store your luggage for a daily rate (€5 per piece of luggage) at no additional cost.left luggage

Luggage storage Amsterdam | The most recommended solutions

Here you will find a list updated to 2023 with all the luggage storage facilities most chosen by travelers. Book online the one that best meets your needs.

  • Luggage storage Central Station Amsterdam | 400 meters from Amsterdam Centraal Station; open every day.
  • Left luggage Van Gogh Museum | Not inside the museum but within walking distance of it.
  • Luggage storage in Amsterdam City Center | 150 meters from the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum; open every day.
  • Bag Storage De Pijp | 230 meters from Amsterdam De Pijp Station and 600 meters from Ceintuurban bridge.
  • Luggage Storage Jordan | 300 meters from Anne Frank House.

Radical Storage agents carefully selected local companies to partner with to ensure convenience and safety for the users.

For only €5 per piece of luggage, you can leave your luggage with our trusted Angels (that’s what we call them!) all day from open until close. Besides, some of them can be used as long-term luggage storage.

Our Angels can be hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, and offices. They will place your luggage in a secure room or a surveilled area. Each Angel has its own way of taking great care of your bags!

Luggage storage Amsterdam | How do I book?

left luggage amsterdam: best locations

Once you book online, we’ll send you a confirmation with a QR code you need to bring to drop off and pick up your luggage.

The QR code is associated with your reservation, is valid as a receipt, and allows our Angel to recognize your belongings immediately.

Remember that our partners cannot accept direct payments.

Your chosen check-in and check-out times are flexible but until the business closes. For example, if you’ve chosen to pick up your bags at 5 pm, but you’ll be a little late, and the partner store closes at 8 pm, simply notify the Angel and come back to get your bags at least fifteen minutes before closing time.

In addition, our platform allows you to turn on the geolocation system to find the nearest luggage storage point to your current address. You can also enter an address manually.

What are the benefits of Radical Storage?

  • Widespread presence | You can find a Radical Storage location anywhere, in more than 350 cities worldwide. We’re close to major train and subway stations and just meters away from popular attractions.
  • Security | All of our partners are reliable and welcoming companies; payment by credit card or other payment methods is secure.
  • No additional costs | Our rate is all-inclusive, and there are no additional charges for any reason. For example, if you have a suitcase that is a little heavier than usual, we will not charge a fee.
  • No restrictions | As you may have already guessed, there are no weight or size limits.
  • No queues | Storing and picking up your luggage is a matter of minutes. Check-in only requires scanning the QR code and placing your luggage in the storage space. Pick-up is immediate.
  • Schedule flexibility | You can change your drop-off and pick-up times at any time. Always remember to comply with the operating hours of your chosen storage location.
  • 24/7 support | You can contact us 24/7 via live chat or by sending us an email to support at radical storage dot com.
  • Special discounts | Our Angels may also have offers on products and services in store for you. For instance, delicious coffee at discounted prices or bike rentals at a special price!

Things to do in Amsterdam | Attractions you shouldn’t miss

The beautiful Amsterdam is a city full of surprises and opportunities for fun. It offers its visitors a vibrant nightlife and a wide range of restaurants.

You can reach the city from all parts of the world thanks to Schipol Airport. Find out how to get to and from Amsterdam Airport.

Yet, beyond the Red Light District, coffee shops and bike rides there is so much more!


Rijksmuseum: Amsterdam, NederlandA museum that holds 800 years of national history and houses masterpieces by Vermeer, Rembrandt and Van Gogh.

Anne Frank House

Anne Frank Haus: explore Amsterdam

The house where Anne Frank – author of the famous diary and who lost her life in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp – lived.

Van Gogh Museum

van gogh: attractions in amsterdam

Considered one of the most beautiful museums in Europe, it houses the richest collection of works by Vincent Van Gogh.

Dam Square

dam square: palace

One of the most important areas of Amsterdam. The square is overlooked by historic buildings and many events are held there.

Explore Amsterdam Vondelpark

Vondelpark: viewDefinitely, this is the perfect place if you want to escape the metropolitan chaos and breathe some fresh air between one tour and another.

Heineken Experience

Heineken Experience: attractions

An incredible experience that will let you know all the secrets of the most famous beer in the world. Plus, you’ll discover how it’s produced!




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