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Chicago packing list | Things to bring in the windy city

Are you wondering how a Chicago packing list should be? Here are all the answers to your questions, tips, and other useful information.

COVID updates: here what’s happening in Chicago right now.

Many tourists arrive in the city with the wrong clothes, forcing them to buy new things. Even if many of you don’t mind the idea of shopping, we suggest preparing your suitcase properly to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The Bulls’ home is called the Windy City, but it’s not always a cold city despite the name. You’ll have to pack your suitcase, taking into account the season in which you travel.

Many websites and travel agencies advise against traveling to Chicago in the winter months due to the sudden storms that hit that area of the United States. However, if the forecast is good and you want to visit Chicago in the winter, don’t worry! In this guide, you’ll also find the Chicago packing list for the colder months.

What to wear going out in Chicago

Packing for Chicago: useful tipsChicago is a city with a unique style that is reflected in its residents. The local cultural scene greatly influences the way young and old dress. Knowing how to combine the best pieces in your wardrobe is the perfect way to adapt to the city’s climate and customs.

It’s recommended for ladies to bring an evening dress (perhaps with a matching heavy cardigan) to dine or dine at typical outdoor restaurants.

For gentlemen, a smart-casual style is enough, with leather jackets, plain sweatshirts, and stylish jeans.

Of course, never forget to pack comfortable clothing and shoes. After all, being a tourist is tiring work!

Your Chicago packing list should never lack a warm jacket. Even in the warmer seasons, in fact, it may get cold in the evenings.

Packing tips from travel experts

We’ve rounded up the best tips for packing smart, no matter what season you want to travel. By following simple rules, you will learn how to pack properly, without problems at the airport and without bringing unnecessary things.

Anyway, if your suitcase is still heavy, you can always choose a secure luggage storage location.

If you need a website about Chicago wheater, you can find a very detailed one here.

1. Keep the basics

Rule number one: bring versatile clothes and comfortable shoes. Even if you care about your style, being a tourist requires sacrifices in terms of elegance. Yes, we all remember the Spice Girls movie where Victoria Beckham wore stilettos shoes to do everything, but that’s just a movie.

If you want to make the most of your stay and explore every corner of the city, bring your most comfy shoes. They’ll help you walk longer and get less tired!

2. Place heavier things at the bottom

How to pack: experts say that...Experts suggest putting the heaviest items, such as shoes and books, at the bottom of the suitcase.

Even if the laptop is considered a heavy item, we advise you not to put it in the bottom to avoid damaging it. The same goes for the hair straightener and hairdryer: better to keep them from breaking.

3. Put your shoes in a bags

You know, shoes aren’t clean items. They get filled with dirt and bacteria every day, so don’t leave them near clean clothes.

You can put them on the bottom of the suitcase, inside a compact bag or a dedicated packing cube.

4. Use packing cubes

You can find packing cubes on stores and supermarkets’ shelves because they have become indispensable items for travels.

They can be found in various sizes and are perfect for keeping your things neat and tidy.

Using a packing cube has several advantages, but be careful! Sometimes they may take up more space than expected! Best to only use them for targeted items like shoes, underwear, toothbrush, and toothpaste.

5. Leave space in your luggage

Are you planning to go shopping and buy some souvenirs for your friends? Well, then don’t be selfish and leave some free space in your suitcase.

Leaving free space in your suitcase will also allow you to use it for last-minute purchases!

Packing list for Chicago in winter

Chicago landscape: explore IllinoisAmong Chicago winter essentials, don’t forget a warm jacket or coat (preferably waterproof), scarves, and gloves. As you know, the winter season in Chicago is freezing, although it can hide pleasant sunny days.

For example, in January, temperatures can reach as low as 17°F (-8.3°C), so it’s a good idea to bring wool sweaters and warm boots with soles suitable for snow and ice.

So, even if you love snow and Christmas landscapes, before you choose Chicago as your winter destination, think twice!

Chicago packing list | Spring

Our seasonal guide to packing for Chicago getaways is making you discover so much about the world of packing and Chicago’s climate. So, let’s talk now about a much-loved season: spring.

The time of rebirth in Chicago remains a bit chilly. Remember you aren’t in Los Angeles, so that you won’t meet people in t-shirts and shorts.

You still can feel the cold winter’s effects in spring, so bring along some heavy clothing.

Although the days are sunny and quite warm, the temperature range between day and night is large. This is not the time for swimwear, but neither for merino wool socks.

Bring versatile clothes: cardigans, sweatshirts, warm vests, and jeans. Rain shoes are a must!

Packing list for Chicago summer

Monuments in Chicago: explore the windy cityIn the summer, be prepared to spend a lot of time outside. Long walks in nature, visits to museums, photos of monuments, and glimpses of the city will be the protagonists of your vacation.

Bring with you very comfortable shoes, a light jacket, refillable water bottles, and power banks.

Light cotton pants and dresses with leggings are ideal. Other recommended clothing are short-sleeved cotton t-shirts and shorts.

Hats? Yes, Chicago is very sunny in the summer, so bringing a hat with you wouldn’t be a bad idea!

Sunglasses? Yes, please! Don’t forget them!

What to pack for Chicago in Autumn

In October, temperatures start to slip, but it’s not quite time to pack your woolen clothes. Instead, wear sweatshirts or dresses with warm leggings, heavy cotton jeans, and hats (yes, it’s not called the Windy City for nothing!).

Waterproof shoes and jackets are a must, as long as gloves and scarves.

Warm socks, undershirts, and different layering tops.

Last thing: have fun!

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