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Choose the best luggage storage option in Rome

What you read in the newspapers and watch on TV is true: Rome is challenging, that’s why you should definitely book one of our luggage storage in Rome!

Buses and subways full of people, traffic, and long waits can ruin your days, especially if you’re carrying a heavy backpack.

However, in Rome (or Roma, the original Italian name), there are convenient solutions to get rid of excessive weight and walk light.

Thanks to our safe and fast service, you can get rid of your luggage in no time and for only €5 per day.

Luggage storage Rome | Where can I store my luggage in Rome?

Several companies deal with travelers’ luggage, but only our company ensures you a unique experience at a competitive price.

Radical Storage has a contactless system that allows you to drop off your bags in minutes and anywhere you want.

Below you’ll find our most popular storage locations in Rome. They are all conveniently located and easy to find.

As you can see, our partners are scattered throughout the whole city and, in particular, they are close to the major stations and the most important attractions.

Also, if you leave your luggage near Roma Termini, you’ll reach Rome’s airports in a breeze! This train station, in fact, is well-connected with both Fiumicino Airport and Ciampino Airport.

Luggage storage Rome | Stow your bags with Radical

Book online with your credit card one of the several luggage storage locations connecting to the website or opening the app. Through our platform, you can comfortably find left luggage places near you (enabling geolocation) or next to your hotels or Airbnb.

Several Radical’s partners are open 24 hours and offer discounts on products and services. Store your luggage and taste a genuine espresso or sip a warm cappuccino with a local croissant.

If you don’t see the full address of our storage in Rome, you don’t need to worry about it. After booking, you’ll view all the details to reach your luggage storage.

All the procedures are contactless to protect your health, especially during this difficult time in history. Just approach the check-in desk, show the QR code we sent you, and give your bags to our agents.

You can supervise the whole process in the booking details section of your app. Plus, you can change the details of your booking and add a new piece of luggage.

Frequently asked questions about Rome

Below you will find a series of questions with detailed answers to enjoy your day in Rome free of baggage and worries.

Is there luggage storage at Rome Termini?

Yes, Radical Storage’s partners are within walking distance of Rome Termini station. You can book your bag storage online directly and enjoy the city from the first to the last day.

Is there left luggage at Roma Tiburtina train station?

Check our dedicated page and find all the best luggage deposits near Tiburtina and other train stations in Rome.

How can I reach Fiumicino Airport from Rome Termini?

You can reach Leonardo da Vinci Airport in Fiumicino in two ways: by train and by bus. The cheapest solution is the bus (the bus stop is in Via Giolitti), while the fastest way is by Leonardo Express train.

How can I reach Ciampino Airport from Rome Termini?

Once again, you can go to Ciampino Airport by train or bus. The most comfortable solution is the bus (via Giolitti). If you choose the train (Ciampino Airlink), you have to change and take another bus to the airport.

How can I reach the sea from Rome?

Did you know that from Rome you can see the sea? Yes, there is a city within Rome’s municipality that overlooks the sea. It’s Ostia. You can reach Ostia from Roma Termini by metro. The trip takes about 1 hour, and you’ll have to take a train change at Ostiense. The ticket costs only €1.50 one-way.

Such a short time in Rome, what to do?

Before venturing out, remember to check government regulations to prevent COVID-19 on transportation, in museums, and other recreational hubs.

If you’re in town for just a few hours and want to sample its essence, we recommend buying a ticket for the classic Hop On Hop Off bus. In a short time, you can see all the main monuments and take beautiful photos. A piece of advice: in the summer make sure you have a small umbrella or hat with you to protect you from the sun.

Do you have very few hours? Take the metro from Termini and reach the Colosseum in a few stops. You can honor the city’s icon and stop to eat in one of the many trattorias in the area. A piece of advice: don’t forget to try a “Cacio e Pepe”.

Only have two hours and don’t want to move from Termini? Then reach the Central Market (Mercato Centrale), the ideal place for food lovers. Here you will find several stands with typical Italian products, and you can also sit down to eat. Buffalo mozzarella, homemade tiramisu, and fantastic “trapizzini” are waiting for you.

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