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Getting To and From LAX Airport

When going on a vacation to Los Angeles from another state, most people will fly in. This leads them to LAX, which is one of the busiest airports in the country. As your vacation ends, you will need to figure out the best way of getting to LAX airport so that you do not miss your flight. Here are some of the most typical ways people get to and from LAX.

Metro Bus/Rail

If you are vacationing on a budget, then you should consider taking the Metro Bus. The fare is only $1.75, and there are numerous places it can take you. You can get to Downtown L.A. in about an hour. You can take other Metro lines to get to Santa Monica, Culver City or anywhere else your hotel may be.

Flyaway Bus

Taking the bus will cost between $8 and $10. However, instead of a rail system, which has numerous stops, the flyaway bus will take you straight from the airport to a variety of locations around L.A. There are busses at the airport that will take you to Long Beach, Westwood, Hollywood or Van Nuys, so make sure you get on the right bus.

Lyft or Uber

People getting from LAX airport will be happy to know there are usually plenty of Uber and Lyft drivers in the vicinity to pick them up. When your vacation ends, you can take a rideshare right back to the airport. It is easy and convenient, but you may have to deal with surge pricing if you request a ride directly from LAX. Fortunately, you can take a free shuttle bus to take you outside of the airport, and you can request your Lyft from there.
Taxis and rental cars are other viable options. Either way, there are plenty of ways to get around Los Angeles, and there are plenty of places you can drop off your luggage as you explore the city. Radical Storage works with numerous businesses around L.A. that will watch over your bags, so you can enjoy your vacation with peace of mind.