Why We’re Rebranding: a Letter from Our CEO

Our journey so far.

Since the day we were born in 2017, our development has never stopped.
With Bagbnb, we have become a point of reference for millions of travelers and thousands of local businesses, such as bars, bistros, and hotels. We call them all Angels because they have welcomed with open arms travelers from all over the world, thus obtaining new revenue opportunities. Bagbnb has been an essential resource for many partners, in fact, thanks to it, they were able to offer an innovative service to their customers.

3,000 storage points and more than 2 million pieces of luggage stored are numbers that confirm that what we have done, allowed many of you to live a unique experience, and enjoy every moment of each journey to the fullest.

Our story began with a precise vision: to become the point of reference for those arriving and departing from a city.

Now we are bigger, better than three years ago. Right now, while the world seems to be different than it was before, we have decided that the time has come to evolve and align our soul with our vision.

Today Bagbnb becomes Radical.

We are excited and proud to announce our new soul.
Same bag, new soul.

Our mission is to offer smart services and solutions that allow travelers to experience stress-free journeys.

Today this mission is even more important and compelling for us.

Some things won’t change.

Behind the new look, we are still the same as we were three years ago (actually, our team is larger and more talented), and we are always committed to providing the best possible service.

Usernames and passwords for all our partners and customers remain the same.

What changes (beyond the name)

A new app, a new website, and unique user experience.

Contactless check-in and check-out systems will simplify and provide security and speed to the deposit procedure.

All booking information will be available on the APP.

Why the name Radical

Radical meaningfully represents what we did with our luggage storage service: we transformed an outdated service (such as luggage storage offices at stations) into something original, with an innovative technological experience.
(The luggage storage network spreads throughout the territory)

The symbol represents the union of our identity and the different, radical direction that our services embody.

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Simply Easy Learning

Radical is with the luggage storage service, our core business, and also a part of the journey.

We are working to take our vision and offer you new services.

We keep our horizons and our borders open. This is a journey that can never end.”

Alessandro Seina
CEO Radical