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Top-rated luggage storage locations in London Liverpool Street

If you are hanging around with a suitcase by your side and want to leave it, don’t cut corners! Read our guide to the most affordable luggage storage options near London Liverpool Street to enjoy your day and save your money.

Storing bags in London could be an expensive option, you can say it again! Anyway, you are about to know the best way to get rid of your suitcases without spending a fortune.

Luggage Storage London Liverpool Street | What is the most convenient service?

In the Liverpool Street area, several luggage storage services charge hourly or daily rates. So, you’re probably wondering how to figure out which one is right for you. We don’t recommend booking facilities (locker Liverpool Street station) with hourly rates (such as the Excess baggage company) as you are always late in London. Also, these services add an extra fee to the normal rate.

Surely, the most popular way to leave luggage is Radical Storage. You can store all kinds of luggage with this system, paying only £5 a day per bag.

price table radical storage

Price isn’t the only advantage of Radical Storage. In fact, our system will make your travel experience much easier and more enjoyable.

Our agents will pamper you from the first to the last minute, giving you valuable information about the district. For example, if are you hungry but don’t know where to eat, follow our Angel’s advice (this is the nickname we gave to our partners) and find out the most appreciated nearby restaurants.

Popular luggage storage London Liverpool Street

liverpool street left luggage map.

Luggage storage London Liverpool Street | How it works

Booking with Radical Storage is quick and easy. You can find the luggage storage place closest to you via the dedicated app or directly from the website.

Can’t you see the address of the storage point on the web page? It’s normal. The platform will show you all the details to reach the location only after booking. Surely, you are already used to this system if you booked a room with Airbnb.

After booking, you’ll get all the details you need, and you’ll also find the QR code to show at the check-in desk.

Other useful information about luggage storage London Liverpool Street

  • Rest assured | All Radical Storage’s partners follow all the steps to prevent COVID-19.
  • You’re in safe hands | Contactless payment and check-in/check-out procedures.
  • Save your time | There are no queues outside the storage location.
  • Avoid additional costs | Radical has a fixed rate. No extra cost applied.
  • Not only for bags | We allow you to store different kinds of small items, such as bike cases, strollers and instruments.
  • Ask us questions anytime | Our multilingual customer support is available 24/7.
Here you’ll find important information about the COVID-19 pandemic and what London City is doing to keep you safe.

Things to do near Liverpool Street

Liverpool Street is a name given to the area surrounding a modern railway terminus located north of Tower Bridge. Nowadays, this area is a popular location for many companies and boasts many attractions.

Near Liverpool Street Station there are several restaurants, hotels, and shops so that your imagination can run wild. Also, near Liverpool Street, you will find several attractions and (not far away) Shoreditch, the coolest place in the city! No guide to London will be complete without mentioning this young and creative neighborhood.

Try to stay sober in Shoreditch

luggage storage near liverpool street: shoreditchFor many years, Shoreditch has been considered a crime-ridden slum, but things have changed by the 1990s. Shoreditch is now considered London’s coolest place, with tons of graffiti, alternative clubs, and trendy bars.

Shoreditch is the epicenter of London underground art, in fact, it boasts famous street art pieces by Banksy and ROA. Want to know where they are? Take a look at this list!

Before going there, make sure to bring a good camera with you because you’ll surely take wonderful pictures. And if you’re lucky, you can also meet artists.

This place is also perfect for those who love to listen to live music.

✅Good for alternative people and artists.

Drop by Spitalfields Market

old spitalfield market london: stallsIf you want to visit one of the most interesting covered markets in East London, then you can’t forget to drop by Spitalfields Market. It is essential to know that there has been a market in this area of London for 350 years!

Currently, this market is open every day and hosts several stalls of independent vendors. Here you can find everything from clothes to jewelry and from home items to gourmet products. The market also hosts events and public art.

Moreover, you can shop the virtual market to see all the stalls you can find there. Each stall regularly takes orders online.

Address: 56 Brushfield St, Spitalfields, London E1 6AA, United Kingdom.

✅Good for shopping addicted.

Visit the gorgeous Whitechapel Gallery

whitechapel art gallery: discover the best museums in LondonAlthough undervalued, Whitechapel is home to one of the city’s most important art galleries. This beautiful public museum is hosted in a building designed by Charles Harrison Townsend and located very close to Aldgate East Station.

It was built at the beginning of the 20th century to educate the population in art and culture (this area of London was very degraded at the time).

Like all public museums in the city, admission to the Whitechapel Gallery is free. To get more information about exhibitions and opening hours, please visit the official website.

Address: 77-82 Whitechapel High St, Shadwell, London E1 7QX, United Kingdom.

✅Good for art lovers.

Climb the Sky Garden

Sky garden: London's buildingsLondon has several modern skyscrapers offering visitors breathtaking views, one of which is the Sky Garden — also known as the walkie-talkie because of its unique shape. Also, this building houses the highest of London’s garden!

This skyscraper is accessible to all, and it’s free of charge. Anyway, you have to book your ticket in advance (up to 3 weeks before the day you want to be there).

The Sky Gard may be closed or its opening hours may vary due to the COVID-19 emergency. Please check this page before booking.

Address: 1 SKY GARDEN WALK, London EC3M 8AF, United Kingdom.

✅Good for kids.

Take a walk in Finsbury Circus Gardens

finsbury circus garden: flowers and treesDespite the small size, Finsbury Circus Gardens is the largest public park within the City’s boundaries.

This secret garden is well-known for its mature trees and a Japanese Pagoda tree (the only one in London).

Here you can take a rest or a walk surrounded by flowers and birds. It’s a peaceful oasis to escape from the hustle and bustle of the City.

This park is used as the end point of the Miglia Quadrato, the famous annual car treasure hunt on the second or third weekend in May.

✅Good for photographers.

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